Apr 29, 2013

he's wishin' i was workin'

Since we've moved into our first home, I'm determined to have our home look complete. And if it can look appealing to the eye, well now, that's just a bonus.
My mindset has been, while living the apartment lifestyle, "Why decorate when we won't be here long?" No more excuses! First on the agenda: our living room. We spend most of our time here and when I look at our TV sitting on an itty-bitty table with cords overflowing in every direction, I get a headache. That's where craigslist comes into play. Man, I love me some craigslist. One day last week, I found a dresser and mirror, nightstand, and bedframe I LUUUVED and bought them all. 90 bucks. Yes please. I was so stoked with my find I started looking for a credenza for our TV. Bam. Found one I LUUUVED and bought it the next day. 45 bucks. Yes please.

I texted hubby and told him I had good and bad news... which do you want first?
Bad news: I bought some more furniture (Which really isn't bad news --- all part of my plan to lessen the blow I spent more money.)
Good news: I got a great deal on it and we won't need to buy anymore furniture for the house. :)

When he got home he saw the credenza plopped in the garage. I asked him what he thought and he said, "That's what you bought?"

I guess the sight of credenza was the bad news for him--- a piece of furniture that needed some TLC. I'm sure he was wishing I was back at work making money instead of spending money on used run-down furniture. He has little imagination for what this piece can offer. I'll show him!

Apr 27, 2013

Oh my, Mommy... what big eyes you have!

Linc (what I imagine him thinking): Oh my mommy, what big eyes you have!
Me: All the better for me to see you with.... now go back to sleep child.
I'm so proud of my boy. Huge milestone here. For those who know me, probably know I like structure, check lists, to-do lists, planning---all fun things of that nature. :) Naturally, putting Lincoln on a schedule was a good thing for him and me. But doing Baby Wise wasn't so fun when he wasn't doing what he was "supposed" to be doing so I've created the laid back version of Baby Wise. Mostly the structure of "eat, play, and sleep" and that alone has helped.

Heck, I even follow the same schedule. I eat when he does and play when he does. I'm just working on the "sleeping when he sleeps" aspect. That's one piece of advice others don't hold back telling you.... Make sure you sleep when baby sleeps!!!!!! Oh really? Yes, that sounds like peaches and cream in theory if it were that easy. Once Lincoln falls asleep and I go lay down, he waits 10 minutes after I've fallen asleep to start crying again. Nothing shoots me out of a sleep than that boys vocals chords.

But on a positive note, I do see a light at the end of the tunnel; but this light actually equals darkness from more shut-eye. :)

PC Knowledge
1. Put a sleep eye mask on your baby registry list. Why this isn't an obvious item--I have no idea. It should be right up top with the car seat. Mhmm.

Found mine in the dollar section at Target. I planned for Ryan to walk in the nursery one morning and see me and Linc sleeping in the rocker with this mask on. He would have laughed hysterically! but I couldn't wait. I came home and threw it on as I walked in the door. He did laugh but I think in the end I found it more hilarious than he.

Apr 24, 2013

1 month & smiles

I've been doing weekly updates on Lincoln since he was born because the first month is a whirlwind of precious moments needing to be soaked in and commemorated-- at least by his own parents. I posted this picture of Linc on Facebook and had a few comments about him smiling with the angels, which made me want to share similar thoughts Ryan and I had.
Lincoln is for sure a smiler. He smiles when he's awake, but more so when he's sleeping. Although I tease about it being gas or something funny, Ryan and I talked about what's behind our baby's smile while he's sleeping. 

We think Lincoln is smiling because he's remembering/playing with his friends from heaven. We know Lincoln was waiting patiently in heaven to join our family. And why couldn't he be visiting and laughing with those he knew before he came to us? And now that he's in our arms, he's the closest thing to heaven we have in our lives. And if anyone's smile is contagious, it's Lincoln's. 
And now for more pictures.....of him sleeping and smiling of course....
So it takes my mother-in-law to point out the fact that all the pictures we've been sending her are pictures of Lincoln in the nude. When Ryan told me what she said my initial reaction was, "yah, so what?" After reviewing the thousands of pictures I've taken of him, I laughed because it's true. I'm pretty sure Linc made it his first month on earth dressed a total of 10 days or so. And the only reason for dressing his free spirit is for when we take him out of the house. Point being: if I could go a month sporting just underwear I would, but I can't. What kind of mother would i be taking that away from my baby who can?

PC knowledge:
1. Don't buy excessive newborn clothes. I think the few times he has been dressed, its been the same 3 onesies. Exception to this rule, if you live somewhere cold and it's winter. Obviously then, and only then, would I not recommend newborn nude month. 
2. Bulk buy pacifiers. This is only for parents who use pacifiers. At first, I avoided using a paci like the plague. I remember Ryan asking to give him one..... "He'll become too dependent on it!" I said. HA. How quickly my views changed.  We only had two...and then we lost one. And now the one paci goes wherever Lincoln goes. Next trip to the store I'm buying them in bulk and have one placed in each room of the house. Costco should look into that....

anyhoo. happy one month Lincoln. :) you rock!


Apr 15, 2013

peanuts and crackerjacks

This weekend was a first for Lincoln.
He went to his first baseball game and he loved it!
It was actually a first for Ryan and I too-- first time on the big screen! I'm sure the stadium was laughing at the girl who was freaking out on the big screen; I was overly excited and had to show off Lincoln. Ha. Ryan was digging in the diaper bag so he missed the first 5 of our 10 seconds of fame. I didn't even care the Diamondbacks didn't win. We had great seats (compliments of Ryan's work) and our little boy did great!

Did I mention he turns 1 month old this Week?? I think a little party is in order.  :)

Apr 11, 2013

week 3

is it normal to have my days blend together? because they do. Just call me Bill Murray from Groundhog Day.
Lincoln and I are starting Baby Wise. Yes, both of us. Because this mom likes to eat every 3 hours and sleeping inbetween feedings too! We have our good and our bad days. He does well with cutting me a little slack here and there since I'm new at this. :)
I strained my back breastfeeding Lincoln. I was using pillows to prop Linc up on my lap and then hunched over the rest of the way. Purchasing a boppy pillow became my top priority. After getting my back readjusted (jk), I went and made my boppy pillow purchase at Target. Which brings another lesson learned from parenthood....
P.C. knowledge:
Nothing will be "new and clean" ever again. And if it is, the "newness and cleanliness" will only last a max of 5 minutes.
 I picked out the pillow and a stellar pillow cover too; yes, I was stoked to come home and feed Lincoln in style and comfort (at least with my body alignment). I made it home in time for his next feeding. I got home, got my new boppy pillow out and put on the pillowcase, sat on the couch, and Ryan handed Linc to me.
Well, that amazingness lasted about 5 minutes. And then Lincoln sharted. He sharted real bad. So bad, in fact, that it came out the back of his diaper and onto my new clean boppy pillow.
Lesson learned.  

Apr 5, 2013

week 2

This mommy here is such a softie; I'm bound to be an emotional wreck the rest of my life. Ryan may say I've always been emotional, but I'm talking "emotional" on a different level. Last night Ryan showed me a picture from Lincoln's first few days and my heart sank. He's already grown so much!!!! Stop growing Lincoln! Can't you stay at this stage a whole lot longer? It would be deeply appreciated.
Week 2 Updates:
First doctor's appointment and he's perfectly healthy. Yippee.
His umbilical cord made it's way off his cute belly. Here comes the tummy kisses!
It was inevitable it would happen to me eventually, but I wondered who it was going to happen to first. I'm talking about having a diaper explosion out the backside of the diaper while holding him. Well, it was me. Luckily, the explosion happened minutes before grandma arrived to help with the baby for a few days.
I opened the front door with a mess over my pajamas and lovingly handed him to grandma and said, "I'm so happy you're here. Lincoln wants to be held by his great grandma. " :)
P.C. (parent club) knowledge for this week:
1. Keep your phone on vibrate. I usually always do but one of the few times I had my ring on high, my cellular device was right next to the sleeping baby. I curse the person who called me at that moment, but really that's just my way of putting the blame onto someone else.
2. Babies love to be swaddled; my son is the exception. When Ryan and I were in the hospital we saw the nurses "swaddling" Lincoln. I asked the nurse to show us her technique because she had some mad swaddling skills. Turns out, after numerous times of swaddling and Lincoln repeatedly fighting his way free, we've learned Lincoln is the exception. He is a free spirit who likes to be sprawled out in his crib.. A trait he inherited from his mommy. :)