Jan 24, 2013

Puerto Vallarta

I don't know about the rest of your husbands, but I know my husband puts up with a lot...especially when it comes to pictures. I'll say, "Look at this bright pink wall! Let's get our picture in front of it!" And he's such a good sport and will pose with me until we get a picture I like. Plus, it's really entertaining going through pictures all in the same spot with little variances because let's face it, it's a wee bit tricky taking pictures of yourself by placing the camera on timer, on top of someone's car, and running into position. This is one of the pictures we ended up taking: A giant pink wall with us all tiny in the corner. Hilarious. Thank you inventor of the digital camera for allowing me to take as many as my precious heart desires...
Our time in Puerto Vallarta was spent at the beach from morning to sunset. Wouldn't it be nice if we could freeze time for a short while... like during sunsets? Because sunsets go by way too quick and I just need more time to soak it in. Oh well, we enjoyed it to the best we could while it lasted. And since this is my blog and I can write whatever I want to, I'll share some news that only me and my husband find exciting. Our washer and dryer are being installed right now. :) Our very first set. No more hauling laundry to my parents or to the apartment's community laundry room, our very own. Many many years down the road, maybe I'll look back and think how silly of me to be so excited over a washer and dryer. But for the here and now, we're super excited to have our own in our own place.

Jan 17, 2013

Cabo San Lucas

Can I tell you how happy this guy was? We were both stoked, but he definitely had more excitement when it came to getting some delicious authentic asada tacos. I'm talking about tacos you have to walk a few blocks into town for because they're not on the main tourist streets. It's usually this shady small place that just nails it. We found the place alright. And we went back the second day and upped the order of tacos. Just writing about them is making my mouth water.

On our honeymoon, we went on a cruise to Cabo. We had an amazing experience last time we went because we spent our time there in a completely different way than others do. Ryan served an LDS mission there and while we were ported, we took a bus into town and I was able to meet some families he taught. I honestly and sincerely enjoyed it, even though I wasn't able to speak to them. (Those 3 years in high school didn't do much with my spanish speaking skills). However, at the end of the day, I shared my its-bitsy feelings of disappointment as we had to get back on the ship with no time left for the beach. I mean really, who goes to Cabo without going to the beach? I wouldn't trade the experience we had.... heck, I even met a medicine man who revealed to my newlywed husband I was constipated (thanks a lot amigo--).... but no beach time on our honeymoon in Cabo?!!?? That's just so unnatural!
SO, going back to Cabo on our babymoon was pa-pa-pa-perfect. And guess what... we had lots of beach time. And the weather was perfect-- clear skies, sunshine, warmth, oh and taking a boat ride to Lover's Beach  :)

Jan 15, 2013


Any excuse we can get to relax just the two of us, we'll use. Using our baby boy as an excuse will not be the last. Man we're awesome parents, using our boy as an excuse and he isn't even born yet. :) Someone, somewhere, started the concept of a babymoon and whoever it was, thank-you thank-you. Knowing this was our last vacation getaway before the baby comes....let's just say reality hit us hard. Ha!

I wish my feet didn't blend into the white railing. But then again, it proved the necessity of getting some sunshine on this pasty body of mine.....

Jan 10, 2013

27 weeks

New Developments:
It's been awhile since I've last seen Jurassic Park. But there's a scene in the movie I thought of recently. Although I may not recall it exactly, you'll catch my drift.

It's when the two grandkids are in the jeep and waiting for help. There's a cup of water in the car and the camera zooms in and you see the water ripple, signaling T-Rex was stomping his way closer to where the kids were. The ripples got stronger and stronger and they turn around and look out the back of the jeep and .....AHHHH!!!! T-Rex is COMING!!!!!!....

I might have embellished parts of the scene but something along those lines happens in the movie. My point? Oh yeah, my point is that's what baby boy has been doing. Except instead of the water rippling, it's my tummy. I'll look down and see this jerk movement from the baby and I'll say to myself.....Ahhh!!!!! He's coming!!! And although I'm not as terrified as those kids probably were, I'm still terrified in my own way because this is finally sinking in that I'm pregnant and I feel so unprepared. We just moved into our new place, everything is in boxes, we have no nursery put together, we haven't bought a single thing for the baby...... I might as well be one of those girls on the TLC show I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant. (Stupid show by the way, don't waste your time.)

It's normal to be scared though right? Everyone feels unprepared. But even as I'm writing this, baby boy is kicking up a storm and I keep stopping to look at him move. And this time I say to myself: I don't care if I feel disorganized and unprepared..... I can't wait till you're in my arms. :)