Oct 19, 2012

mother's intuition

I've heard it from my mother growing up that mother's...... just...... know-- it's the "mother's intuition". She would lovingly scare us how mother's know everything about their kids and we wouldn't be able to hide anything from her. She always knew what we were up to before we even had the time to get into trouble. Mother's intuition--- this made it very difficult for me to be sneaky growing up...Sigh....

I always wondered... How did she know??? I figured it out. It's a special power a woman receives ONCE she has a child... no wait.... once she is WITH child. I figured this out because I received the mother's intuition when i was about 10 weeks along.

I had a dream, actually two dreams, and both were very distinct. And in both of my dreams I saw our baby. And in both of my dreams, our baby was a precious little boy. Weird? Nope. Mother's intuition? Yes. We went in for our 2nd ultrasound at 13.5 weeks. We weren't expecting to find out this early, but the doctor got the clearest shot and before he could announce, we said, "It's a boy!" I was very humble and didn't say, "I already knew that."
Ultrasound picture looking between his legs.
Our doctor confirmed saying, "He isn't shy..."  --- Just like his father I thought. I'm in for a real treat if he's anything like his daddy. :)

Oct 17, 2012

Expectant Mother here!

Saturday morning Ryan and I are still laying in bed when we start to discuss plans for the day. "I'm too lazy. I don't want to do anything" I say, and luckily he agrees. Why feel bad for doing absolutely nothing? I don't. Once baby comes things will change drastically. But for now, we do what we want, when we want to. The thing is, we just don't want to do much which is perfectly fine by me. Our days of sleeping in and afternoon naps are close to an end...we're taking full advantage of this time.

- I do feel bad though, just a tiny bit, for the complete lack of interest I have in my appearance. I'm sticking with my yoga pants and baggy tshirts for now and as long as Ryan believes I look like a supermodel, why mess with the wardrobe? Thank goodness the peak of my pregnancy will be during the winter months. Right when I'm feeling like a giant blob, I will attempt to conceal myself with the oversized clothes. YES! Which is why whenever I take a belly shot, it will be on the one day I put about 75% effort into my appearance......Sunday's for church. :)

Let's just say I'm pretty stoked the bump is finally here. Ryan and I went to the grocery store the other day and I told him to park in the 'Expectant Mothers' parking spot. He refused since I wasn't showing yet. Pfff. We need to take advantage of that spot!!!! Next time, I went by myself and pulled into that parking spot with a huge smile on my face. I'm sure the customers in the grocery store parking lot think I'm a complete phoney. I made sure to rub my not-so-pregnant looking stomach as I walked into the store. Oh well. I only have 9 months to enjoy prime parking at the grocery store and this girl will take advantage of the situation.