Aug 28, 2012

surgeons and music

surgery.What is the best area for a nurse to work? I'm not really sure. I've only worked as an operating room nurse and although trying something else intrigues me at times, I'm sure I would come running back to the OR after doing what some nurses on the floor have to do.

One aspect of being in the operating room that makes things really interesting/entertaining, is being in tight quarters with the doctors. Don't get me wrong, a majority of the doctor's are very sweet and easy to talk to. However, there are those surgeons that make my eyes pop out and make me stop in my tracks to stare. It's hard to believe that a grown adult could fold their arms and stomp the ground like a little child... literally. Or have a tourrette's episode and start shouting profanities out of NO WHERE and then go back to talking about themselves. Very eye popping. I'm sure you can guess how my day was at work. :) Just a little pet peeve at work, dealing with adult-children.

We do listen to music during surgery. We try to keep it professional, but let's be real here, a majority of the time it's not. And we try to keep the music off when we bring the patient back, but sometimes it just doesn't happen.

I'm going to keep track of songs playing when the patient comes back that you have to run over and shut-off because it's just down right inappropriate. First song on the list:  Knockin' on Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan. Not exactly what you want to hear when you're going in for surgery. Great work week and it's only Tuesday.

Aug 27, 2012

baby's first ultrasound

The pregnancy test didn't lie.
We had our first doctor's appointment and our first ultrasound and even after sitting here trying to think of the words to best explain what we felt.... there are no words. We saw our little grape-sized baby's heart beating away and heard baby's heart beat. All I can say is, my heart smiled.  
Ryan has been quite the trooper, but he still has until the end of March to put up with me and my complete lack of energy. This girl loved her sleep beforehand, but 13 hours is just down right ridiculous isn't it? Don't even get me started on my lack of appetite.  I'm just super grateful that cereal sits will with me because pregnancy would be very difficult if I couldn't eat my cereal.
On another note:
 I think it was the day after we found out I was pregnant and I asked Ryan, "Do you want to do the dishes, or take out the trash?"
Without ANY hesitation what-so-ever he said, "Is this a trick question? ...... I'll do both"
Such a sweetie. And quite the quick learner too.
I made some labels to the cutest, smallest, blurriest ultrasound. :) Cute baby huh!!!!

Aug 15, 2012

can we not go to work tomorrow?

So the day I pretty much knew I was pregnant and decided to take a pregnancy test, I thought I would record each of us finding out. It's all about documenting this stage in our life right? I love pictures, but there's something about watching a video down the road and this is a video I'll love watching many years from now.

I actually did the pregnancy test before Ryan woke up Sunday morning. We've had a few scares in the past and it's come to the point where I don't even mention I'm late. I figured I would take the test, and if it was positive, I would do something nice to share the news with Ryan.

I do have a video of me reading the pregnancy test, but I'm more interested in showing the daddy's reaction because it is BY FAR the SWEETEST and most PRICELESS video I've ever seen. I'm not bias.

Every time I watch this video I can't help but chuckle. Ryan is never speechless, but in this video, he's SHOCKED. Seriously, there's a good 10 second pause where he just STARES at me while I'm crying. Ha ha :) He's been ready for awhile to have kids and probably never thought this day would come. I'm just so glad I recorded this.

Oh, and I chuckle at the very end when I ask him, "Can we not go to work tomorrow?" Because finding out you're pregnant means you get a day off, didn't you know that? :)

Aug 1, 2012

Tonto Natural Bridge State Park

Costco was the highlight of my day. Up and down the aisles throwing whatever the heck looked good in my cart. It helped that Ryan wasn't there to supervise or add up the bill while shopping. :)
Anyway, I had a pleasant conversation with a family in front of me while checking out.
I wonder if that's a characteristic people will say about me at my funeral because I've been told that more than once. That I am quick to talk to strangers and carry on a conversation like we were neighbors. Hmmm....

Back to the family.

I asked where they were from (they were African) and ended up impressing them with my Swahili. The grandmother was so excited she waved her daughter and grandkids over. Yes, I can say a few numbers in Swahili (they may not be in numerical order though). I told her how my husband and I went to Tanzania and picked some up while we were there. They were so impressed. And after talking with them, their sweetness and friendliness made me miss the African culture like crazy. But one thing I'm trying to work on (one of many) is being grateful for what's going on in my life at that moment. And this is the beauty I saw this past week.

And there were many comments from other hikers on my husband completing this in his slippers. That's my husband for you. Impressive huh?