Dec 17, 2013

Glenwood gondola

And some more pictures from our trip that were unintentionally forgotten. They were waiting patiently to be shared and just needed someone to get some free time to do some blogging. :)

This was from our gondola ride in Glendwood. Lincoln and I both shared the adventure as "first-timers". I'm grateful for not being scared of heights, because not only was the view from up top was beautiful, the ride up was quite enjoyable looking out. 

We ate at the restaurant up on top, hiding from the wind and freezing temperatures. There wasn't much snow, but dang that wind went straight to the ole' bones. 

The only aspect I like about cold temperatures is when I'm warm inside looking OUTSIDE on cold weather. Maybe sipping on some hot chocolate with warm fuzzy slippers. THEN and only then do I like cold weather.
And I shrunk!! Okay, it's actually just a really big chair. As Job (from Arrested Development) would say, "it's an ILLUUUUSSSION!!!"

Dec 12, 2013

thanksgiving 2014

A Shideler Ranch view + jacuzzi tub + rubber duckies = HAPPY BATH TIME!
I barely took any pictures on my camera. But the few I got was all the proof I needed to show how awesome of a family I married into. Trying to get everyone together for a family photo, and a decent one at that (meaning seeing everyone's face--smiling or not) is always an adventure in itself. There's about 20 more of these photos before we got one "frame-worthy" picture. :) Only downside, we're missing some  family who were in Denver, and Lincoln, who was surprisingly upstairs sleeping through the talent show AND family photo-shoot chaos. He's just too young to expose to that much stress....maybe next year.
I called my parents on Thanksgiving and my mom proudly told me she was making Thanksgiving from scratch!!! Kudos mom! But then my dad said scratch meant opening it from a can. Either way, sounds like mom rocked it this year. :)