The Mr. & Mrs.

Ryan and I met Oct 19th. Yes, i remember the exact date and so does he. Although, i did have my eye on him long before but our story started this night. My roommates made plans with his roommates to go to the ice caves. I had previous plans but came home and saw him in my apartment and knew whatever previous plans i had would not be followed through with. Ryan and I finagled our way to the same truck to ride in on the long journey to the caves. We had two things going for us that night.
1. We had to ride in the back seat of a small truck
2. Ryan's long legs had to be up against mine for more space. :)

We completely hit it off. We started spending EVERY day together afterwards and it was our first "official" date on a Wednesday afternoon that I knew he was the one. Fishing and mongolian food....and dissected a skunk. I went home that night to tell all my roommates i was in love and he went home and wrote me a poem about our first date.

He finally proposed in June 2008 and
we were wed August 30, 2008 in the L.D.S. Salt Lake City Temple.