Aug 23, 2011


I have a terrible terrible habit that I really need to break. This is it: I love to countdown "days until..."

For example, I count down days until the weekend, I count down days until my next vacation, I count down the days until my birthday or some big event, I'm counting down the days till Ryan is done with school... You catch my drift.

Anyway, I know it's a bad habit because before I realize, the whole year passes and then I have more countdowns. I really just need to sit back and enjoy each day, but my little OCD side really finds satisfaction putting X's on the calendar. So, this month of august, that's what I've been doing every day.

This month has flown by. I realized I've hardly been posting anything, probably because I'm so busy tending to the calendar in the kitchen. However, this next weekend, it's a week I've been waiting on for quite some time.... Well, since April.

1. This Saturday, my first half marathon.
2. This Sunday, we head down to Moab for a week. Rafting, biking, hiking, camping, eating!
3. And next Tuesday, hubs and my THREE year anniversary! Yep. It's been 3 years.

Even though august has been a slow month for us, I'll be much better on posting these upcoming events with you all once we are back. :)

Aug 14, 2011

ice caves

yesterday ryan and i tagged along with the cannon family to the ice caves. we hitched a ride with them out there and enjoyed a pretty view while we were drifted in and out of consciousness from heat exhaustion. let's just say the cab of their truck doesn't get much airflow back there. the kids decided to all jump in the back so we could go up front for the off-roding portion of the drive. only by this point, we learned that not only were we reaching a point of no cell phone service, but that the cannon's didn't fill up on gas before heading out and were close to empty! we turned off the air conditioner and richard went into gas-conservation mode by refusing to use the breaks at all. it made for a dusty bumpy ride that was all worth it in the end :)

We all had a lot of fun. After the ice caves we went over to the sand dunes and had a little dinner before heading home. Oh, and we had just enough gas to get us back into town. :)

Aug 1, 2011

lonely number 1

My husband has left me.

Not permanently, thank goodness. But it's still bad. He's gone to Colorado for a week and left me here to hold the fort down and keep the paychecks coming. Luckily, I was able to escape this weekend to SLC and see some friends that I haven't been able to see in oh so long. Silly me forgot my camera..ugh.. and didn't capture any pictures. bah hum bug. I'm sure i'll be down again soon. I was able to get some much needed shopping in and i know another trip will be in order sooner or later.
On a side note, my wonderful crazy beautiful friend Kylee introduced me to The Sweet Tooth Fairy. She is a cupcakeholic, yes they really do exist. It is the cutest shop with the cutest cupcakes. I almost prefer to just look at them because they are so dang pretty, but not as much as I prefer to eat them. FOR BREAKFAST nonetheless. Dont worry, we had some healthy cereal beforehand to balance it out. :)
This one was my FAV!
After my drive back home in pouring rain, I come back to bed and have the biggest smile on my face. My husband sure loves me. He loves me so much he left me a surprise in our bed. It's not as good as the real thing but it will do as a cuddling partner at night. :)