May 7, 2017

Grey 4 &5

You are getting to big, much to quickly. Why must every child grow up at a much more quickly than the previous ones? you'll be half-a-year next month which means you're practically almost a year and that just can't be!!! ;)

You're 4 month appointment revealed how much of a giant you are. 17lb and 11oz. I can't remember height but you're ABOVE 99% and will probably be the biggest boy out of all three. You just got your two bottom teeth in and your teething was rather easy. We had our hiccups with naps, but you've still been cheerful and sleeping through the night.

You're so close to crawling. You'll get yourself up on your knees and try so hard to bring them forward. SO CLOSE, bud. I love watching you hit these milestones, but at the same time I'm realizing it will becoming more chaotic with another kid on the loose in this house. ahhhh!!

One of my favorite things right now is watching your brothers interact with you. No joke, this just happened yesterday at lunch: your brothers would take turns taking a bite of their lunch and then running over to you as you were laying on the rug. They would run over and get down by your face and say something weird and random (mostly "pooooop") and then run back to the table to take a bite with the other ran over to say something to you. LITERALLY, this probably went on for 10 minutes, which may not seem that long, but to have two boys running back and forth, back and forth... well, they didn't show any signs of slowing down so I told them to just sit and finish. But you would lock eyes on them and they would try so hard to get you to laugh and smile. It really doesn't take much though, you're so quick to smile when your brothers come interact and play with you. I tell ya, I really lucked out in this family. You three boys are pretty stinking awesome.

Apr 19, 2017

greyson 2 & 3 month pictures

This BOY!!! I love him so much, and maybe a little more now that he's sleeping through the night.The night before he turned 3 months. You never forget your first night because you wake upfeeling like a million bucks and that you can take on the world!!! or at least until the other kidswake up and then you realize, will I ever NOT be tired? Yeah, maybe when they're all finally out of the house.

Anyway, he's such a good baby. Although, since he's been sleeping through the night, he started taking only 45 minute naps all day. This initially drove me crazy. But I don't even mind anymore because 1. He's sleeping through the night and 2. He's so happy!! He goes down for naps like a breeze and wakes up happy. I can't complain. He's starting to stay awake for longer stretches so his naps are finally starting to stretch out, as well.

He's wearing size 4 diapers, which is totally ridiculous, right? I mean, his 2 year old brother is wearing size 4 ---he shouldn't be in the same size as his older brother!! But what's throwing me off even more so are his looks. He has a reddish-tinge to his hair and he has BLUE eyes!!!!! We laugh at how dark Lincoln is, and Simon is white, but still has dark eyes, and then BAM! There's pasty-white Greyson with blue eyes and reddish hair.

simon turns 2

My dear Simon,
You have grown so much this past year. These past few months you have really started talking more, mostly becoming a parrot and repeating everything your brother and I say. Whenever I correct you or Lincoln on a behavior, I have you both repeat back to me, "Yes, mam." Although you've confused mam for man and your strong personality has turned the phrase to "No, man!" instead. It can be quite frustrating, but also ridiculously funny at the same time.

You are still as curious as ever. Your first birthday party theme of Curious George is still rather fitting to this day. Your daddy and I are convinced we never had this many issues with Lincoln and as a result we have been gravely ill-prepared to toddler-proofing the house. Bowls and flour containers from the cupboards, all the forks and spoons from the silverware drawer, food from the fridge, makeup from the bathroom, garbage cans--- pretty much anything that can be opened and rummaged through, you have done it. You would think we would have learned our lesson by now, especially when it comes to my lipstick. I should know that it needs to be kept in the highest place possible, otherwise it's broken and smeared all over your face.

And is it possible to be fiercely independent but adamantly clingy at the same time? Yes, it is. Sadly, you refuse to let me help you at the playground when you're climbing up or coming down, and you want to be the one to fill your own cup up and open up your own cheese stick, but when it comes to walking, you depend solely on the arms of your daddy and I. I have you to thank for keeping my arms toned, even when everything else is weak. Ha!

You love to color and you love to read. And your most FAVORITE thing involves anything with water. Bubble baths, turning on and off the hose in the backyard, taking 20 minutes to wash your hands in the bathroom sink, or filling your cup up with water from the fridge only to dump it in the sink and do it again at least 15 more times. And your latest obsession, which is slightly weird and will bring a good laugh for many years to come, is with the local grocery store H-E-B. Whenever we mention that we are going, you clasp your little hands together and excitedly yell, "H-E-B!!!!" We've even written an H-E-B lullaby to sing you at night.

You love your oatmeal every morning and although you don't eat a TON of food, the food you do it is not typical for two-year olds. You'll eat asparagus and sautéed green beans, you've eaten plain spinach out of a salad and devour anything dipped in ketchup. But oddly enough, I can't seem to get you to eat a quesadilla or eggs.

You are still incredibly sweet and give kisses so freely when someone gets hurt. You're our cuddle bug and I'll always remember you at this age as being glued in our arms and laps. I love you, Simon.

Jan 18, 2017

Halloween 2016

(an old post I forgot to share!!!)

I don't care when this third baby comes, but I was really keeping my fingers crossed (and legs) that he would wait until after Halloween night. I've always loved Halloween--- who doesn't right? But having your own kids to dress up and watch them do the dirty work... it's pretty much the absolute best. All these little kids look so incredibly cute and there needs to be more holidays like this one where they get to dress up.

Nana and Papa Z had bought these costumes for them, but the past two months, Lincoln has had his mind set up on being a pumpkin. A PUMPKIN! which is totally fine other than the fact that I already had a costume for him AND that now I needed to track down a pumpkin costume. I finally got one from a friend but of course, come Halloween night and it's time to get dressed, he decides he doesn't want to be the pumpkin anymore and the two months of him requesting to be a pumpkin mean nothing. Aye aye aye. Lesson learned: my kids no longer get to choose. I'll buy whatever is cheapest and closet to their size and that's what they get. HA!

Another testament to how different Simon and Lincoln are was manifested through Halloween. Simon was loving running from house to house with his little pumpkin basket so much that he would biff it several times (the steep driveways didn't help much either). Minor war injuries and scrapes across the knees and nose wouldn't stop him from wanting to run again to the next house. And he's a mastermind and found out that as the person was putting the candy into his basket, that he had a clear shot to the candy bowl to grab one extra piece of his own. Sneaky and smart.

Lincoln on the other hand had fun for about 5 houses and was SO OVER it. WHAAATT? I've never heard of a kid not excited to receive candy from strangers. But he wasn't. I think for Lincoln he got enough pieces to satisfy him and he was ready to retire. Aye Aye Aye.

We made it out to a pumpkin patch a few weeks ago. It was about an hour drive away so we were planning on spending a good chunk of the day there. But it started out rough before we even left the house, which should have been a sign that we needed to postpone. Simon was tugging on his ear crying (he ended up having an ear infection) and Lincoln was incredibly quiet that morning (Lincoln quite in the mornings???? NOT NORMAL). Anyway, we were there for an hour and a half and the boys were absolutely MISERABLE!!!!!! We packed up and headed home for another hour drive and the boys fell asleep within the first few minutes of drive home, slept the entire way, then transferred to their beds and slept for another 2 hours. Oh the memories...

A few pictures mostly in between the pumpkin patch meltdowns...

And lastly, trying to do a fun little Halloween painting project with the boys and realizing it's hard sit back and let them dip the same paint brush into different colors. (DEEP BREATH). It's all about letting them play and be creative, right?