Jun 7, 2017


I'm so late on posting these pictures from Easter, but here are a few after our little Easter egg hunt. One thing worth noting that I will remember about this Easter, considering it was Simon's first time finding eggs, is that we forgot to explain to Simon the concept of finding the hidden eggs in the yard. We were so excited for him, but just assumed he knew what to do so as the boys darted out the back door with their baskets, Simon just stood there dumbfounded while Lincoln was running around yelling "Found one! Found one! Found another one!...... Got another one!" And Simon stood on the patio just watching as we tried coaxing him into the yard. Finally, it dawned on us that this was his first year and he has NO IDEA what we're doing. Oops. We told Lincoln to stop finding them so that Simon could get some. Simon still made out like a bandit after he realized candy was hidden in the eggs. Lincoln was generous, although somewhat forced, to help Simon find some. Next year will be interesting now that Simon knows what's up. It will be an even battle ground between the two of them to fill their basket. :)

On the spiritual side of Easter, after church Lincoln came home with his picture they made in class and he was able to tell us the whole story of Christ's resurrection. Hearing a 4 year old retell the account was sweeter than all their Easter candy combined.