Oct 31, 2011

birfday- i got you babe

Well , Saturday was my 24th birthday and the poor hubby was sicker than sick! He hadn't been feeling well the night before and wasn't any better Saturay. We made it out of the house in the morning to go buy him powerade and crackers because him eating anything else was impossible. We made a bed out in the living room and watched movies all day. Other than the hubby being sick, it was perfect. He even introduced me to a new favorite movie of mine, Back to the Future. :) LOVED IT!

That night we finally got up out of our homemade bed and got dressed up for a hallloween party. We were able to get out of the house for about 2 hours. We didn't even need to go to the party, just getting dressed up was enough entertainment for me. What you are about to see may be a little unsettling. We decided to do Sonny and Cher. Ryan being Cher because he's taller. I think the costumes turned out great, except I didn't like how Ryan made a prettier girl when he's all dressed up than his own wife in real life. I should just be grateful my husband is handsome guy and can also be a gorgeous woman if he wants to be. :)



straw maze

Friday night with the Cannon family and the straw maze. Doesn't get any better.
Oh, Austin and I were the first ones through too. No big deal.

Oct 26, 2011


I woke up last night at 11:30pm and thought I had to get up for work. It was the BEST feeling knowing I had 6 more hours to sleep. The BEST. Usually I wake up like 30 minutes before and that just sucks.

Also tonight for dinner I had a grapefruit, popcorn and a Hershey's bar. Let's just say it was a great day. :)

Oct 25, 2011

busy week, lazy weekends

Just when I think it isn't possible to get ever lazier on the weekend, we manage to do it. Yes, we still manage to leave the house when it comes time to eat... I'm not complaining though. I love lazy weekends. I've been working the evening shifts so unfortunately our weekends don't start until Saturday late morning after sleeping in.

This weekend we managed to go to Walmart to look into buying me a body pillow (they didn't have any can you believe it? Such a disappointment). Stopped at Arby's for Ryan and Subway for me :) Grabbed us a movie rental, stopped over at the neighbors to make fresh homemade apple juice, and settled in for the night.
We felt like pioneers. Honestly, who makes their own fresh apple juice? (actually, i think a lot of people in Rexburg do because I see stands in front of peoples houses selling it. hmmm) Pretty cool huh?

Anyway, we've both been busy bees lately during the week, the weekends are our time to be LAZY and not feel guilty about it. Nope, not in the least bit guilty. This is what our weeks have looked like for the past month.
Me- just running in the mornings, working for BYUI nursing dept. during some days, and working at the hospital every evening.
Ryan- Interviews and schooling during the days, fishing at night. :)
I asked Ryan to let me take a picture before one of his interviews. That way, if the company were to offer him a job, i will have taken the photo that marked the beginning of his career. See??? I'm thinking ahead.

Oct 16, 2011


This past week I was able to catch up with some friends of mine jeri and kelcie. I met jeri down in Hawaii because she was one of the caregivers for sweet Rita. Kelcie has been a long time family friend. We grew up together before she moved and she was able to replace me in Hawaii when Ryan and I moved back to Idaho. Now, kelcie is back in Idaho for school as well and jeri came up to see us ... And her family too of course.

It was great seeing them and catching up and exchanging great stories and memories with Rita.
RGFL=Rita's girls for life!!

Oct 10, 2011


Who says Rigby doesn't have anything to offer. Just like St. Anthony, there's a hidden gem in every town. Friday night I got a flat tire leaving work. So Saturday before taking off to Rigby, we had to run to the car shop to get it fixed. One of the guys asked Ryan what we had planned today and when he told them we wer going to the Rigby bowling alley the guy said, "Really???? "  What? What's wrong with the Rigby bowling alley? Poor Ryan has a wife that wants to go to random places I guess. Next week I'll let Ryan decide. Well, we got there and we were the only ones there. Yep, we had the WHOLE place to ourselves. And it was the COOLEST bowling alley. Super old-fashioned. We kept score on a print-out and a projector to display above the lane. Our bowling balls came back to us inbetween lanes too which (i didn't know this but ryan says..) you don't see too often anymore. We didn't do that well on our scores but I think we scored pretty big with this place.
Thanks Rigby to your contribution to our weekend entertainment!

Oct 7, 2011


Well today, like any other day, i checked out the new stories on yahoo. I look at random stuff on there I won't even begin to confess. One that I will share is that I'm always curious to read on the articles they have on jobs (most satisfying, highest paid, quickest degree etc). I'm not sure why, maybe in case I feel spontaneous and decide "yah, I'd like to do that too!" Anyway, it was quite a surprise today when they had one on the "most popular" jobs. Check out what made first on the list--- and yes it's my job in case you didnt know that already.

10 Most Popular Jobs and What They Pay

by Fox Business Staff
Thursday, October 6, 2011

provided by
Not everyone hates their job. Some workers feel good where they put their time and energy from 9-5. Check out the 10 most popular jobs based on employee satisfaction.
Could it be? That some people actually like what they do for a living and enjoy going to work every morning? PayScale conducted a survey earlier this year asking workers how satisfied they were with their job, and compiled a list of the top 10 most popular jobs and what they pay. Check to see if your occupation made the list:
Operating Room Registered Nurse
These nurses play a key role in helping save lives on the operating room table and top the list of most satisfied.
Median annual salary: $61,000
Percentage of respondents who are satisfied: 81%

Now if I could just be getting paid at least median annual salary, i might start feeling more like the satisfied 81%. Ha!

Oct 6, 2011

Come May and Love It

What a difference a few days can make.

Yesterday I went for a run. Instead of going to the gym, i thought a nice run outside would be better. Half way through my run, it starts raining. It was a nice sprinkle, enough to make you feel refreshed and give you that boost of energy to go a little further. But then, it started POURING down rain to the point where my sweater is drenched and my socks are soggy. And that my friends, is not as great of a feeling. I took shelter under a tree until it was sprinkling again, good i can carry on now. Ran for a few minutes and then it started hailing on me. What the hail??!?!

Today, October 6th (which happens to be my father-in-law's birthday...Happy Birthday Barry!) is the first day of snow we have here in Rexburg, Idaho. Yes, snow. I can start feeling gloomy now or I can embrace it and enjoy the change of weather. Which reminds me of a talk by Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin called "Come What May and Love It." This came to mind because he talks about how our attitude is everything when it comes to the challenges we face. Which lead me to the title of my post after a little alteration in his title: Come May and Then I'll Love it. Just saying.

I had to venture out into the cold to take our managers our rent. Thankfully, they live right next door. They are the best managers EVER because they don't kick us out when we forget to pay our rent on time. When I apologized to Roger for being late, he said that it was okay as long as I wanted some corn. huh? They grabbed two grocery sacks and headed out to the garden and gave me a bunch of veggies. I'll say it time and time again, as time goes by there are different things that bring me happiness. Two bags of fresh garden goodies brings me happiness. : ) I must be getting easier and easier to please. So in regards to Elder Wirthlins talk, i'll take my veggies to make a nice warm soup for dinner and embrace the winter that was brought on WAY too soon.

Oct 3, 2011


October, really, it's probably one of the best months of the year am I right? Leaves are changing and nice weather. This weekend was the LAST weekend of warmer weather so we had to get out and take advantage of the sun to the fullest. Teton Dam for fishing (Ryan) and soaking up the sun (Elizabeth). Each of us doing what we love the most. And what better way to celebrate the beginning of Fall than this????
But best of all, two big celebrations.
1. Halloween.
2. My birthday.
Birthdays are bitter-sweet days aren't they? They're awesome because that one day of the year it's all about me and celebrating and treating myself.....but bitter because...well ya know.... no one likes to get older. And yes I will be turning 24. Which seems a lot older than 23 because it's almost 25 and 25 just rounds up to 30 so pretty much i'm almost 30!!!! (take a deep breath elizabeth). It's ok. I just have to make the most out of my last month of being 23 before my youth completely slips away from me. On a happier note...
Halloween and Fall decorating! The apartment will look great this weekend when I'm through with it. The major drawback to a basement apartment is no kids coming to get candy for us to scare. Which takes me back to our very first Halloween together...

I already took Halloween weekend off too so I'll have from Thursday afternoon to Monday afternoon OFF! Maybe I can convince Ryan to take me to all haunted houses that weekend :) Either way, this is going to be a great month so everyone get into the spirit please.

And the best way to start of the October month? General conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It's also nice that if you were a little sleepy and missed some of the talks, everything is available online. I thought today i would go back to review some from Saturday's session. If you missed it, THIS TALK should be heard/watched/read by all women.