Oct 10, 2011


Who says Rigby doesn't have anything to offer. Just like St. Anthony, there's a hidden gem in every town. Friday night I got a flat tire leaving work. So Saturday before taking off to Rigby, we had to run to the car shop to get it fixed. One of the guys asked Ryan what we had planned today and when he told them we wer going to the Rigby bowling alley the guy said, "Really???? "  What? What's wrong with the Rigby bowling alley? Poor Ryan has a wife that wants to go to random places I guess. Next week I'll let Ryan decide. Well, we got there and we were the only ones there. Yep, we had the WHOLE place to ourselves. And it was the COOLEST bowling alley. Super old-fashioned. We kept score on a print-out and a projector to display above the lane. Our bowling balls came back to us inbetween lanes too which (i didn't know this but ryan says..) you don't see too often anymore. We didn't do that well on our scores but I think we scored pretty big with this place.
Thanks Rigby to your contribution to our weekend entertainment!