Dec 19, 2012

our charlie brown tree

These past 4 years of moving from state to state, apartment to apartment, it's been wonderful. New adventures everywhere we go and making a home where ever we've ended up. And as much as we've enjoyed sharing small quarters together, that time is coming to an end very soon. The time has come for us to purchase our first home and the time I've spent on Pinterest will finally be used.  All those ideas for decorating will be copied now as I'm purchasing our own furniture and throw pillows and frames and lamps and rugs and all those little things that we don't have in our little apartment now. And even though this new stage is exciting, I will always cherish our first 4 years in small apartments together.
Our first apartment, we lived 4 months with no furniture. We ate dinner in our camping chairs we received as wedding gifts.
And in our second apartment---a basement apartment, not having any kitchen appliances besides a mini fridge or put our milk out on our front step in the snow. Oh the memories.
The third apartment, that was a huge step-up for us. We bought our first couch and we had a washer and dryer IN our apartment.
And for our last Christmas in an apartment, we have a beauitful tree for the first time. It isn't real, and there's no twinkling lights on it, but it's our christmas tree and it's perfect! With our collection of yearly christmas ornaments. I was excited for this year's.... See the cute couple and the expecting mama? That's us. :)

Dec 17, 2012

24 weeks

i was so sure that once I got pregnant that I would be a blogging maniac. Posting every single update and all, but this blog has been on the back burner. Not even the back burner because the back burner is still visible while i'm cooking. More like a lonely sock under the bed. Out of sight--- out of mind. So here is my 24 week photo, which was 2 weeks ago and let me tell you, 2 weeks has made a huge difference. These past few weeks have been a burst in belly size and it's official.... the belly button has gone from an innie-to-an-outie. I'm the creepy pregnant lady who keeps touching her belly button. I haven't felt an outie before and it's freakishly addicting to touch. Only those who have been pregnant would understand.

and this baby boy of ours is a soccer player. yep. quite the kicker. i've never been a soccer fan, but for  my boy, I will be his biggest soccer fan. and it will be more pleasant watching him kick a soccer ball than my ribs. regardless, feeling our boy moving is the best. i just want to take everyone's hand and place it on my stomach and say, "did you feel him?!!?" I'm bragging about my son and he's not even in my arms yet. The bragging has already begun...