Oct 26, 2010

Aloha Kailua!

Here we go....

Ryan and I aren't much for blogging. We don't find our lives that interesting and so why would anyone want to read what we are doing. I mean, there isn't much to write when our lives consist of waking up together, eating breakfast together, leaving the apartment to go to work together, having dinner together, watching TV together, and (for the sake of our parents possibly reading this) we shower separately before going to bed and repeating the glorious cycle again.

Well for anyone who does not know yet... Ryan and I are moving to HAWAII! and what better time than now to finally create a blog for everyone to follow our adventures.

So here is how it all began....

Ryan and I were planning on returning to Rexburg this December for him to start school after finishing his internship here in Utah. I have been looking for an apartment on the school bulletin when I fell upon a posting from a faculty member looking for a nurse to care for her mother living in Hawaii. I emailed her asking her some more questions and, after finding out more, knew right away this would be awesome!

We went up to Rexburg and I had an interview with her. Within a week she asked us if we would both like to go down. Heck yes! :)

Coincidently, we had already planned a trip to Hawaii in December, SO we changed our return flight from the end of December to April. (who knows though, I might be asking Ryan to transfer down there once April rolls around.) Now here we are... selling what we can, taking what we can't to the D.I. and packing up what's left to take down to Oahu!

We will be living in a house...on the beach I might add...

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii
most beautiful beaches in the world Lanikai Beach Hawaii
Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

After a year of working we need a few months in Hawaii to lower our high blood pressure, catch up on some sleep, and soak our Vitamin D deprived bodies with some Hawaiin rays :) Ryan says it's a gift for our hard work this past year. Oh Ryan......