Aug 22, 2013

eat your carrots and peas

Had to stand on a chair to get a good picture of these beauties.
yes Lincoln. You will eat it and you will like it.
"Will" just means "eventually" in this situation. Because right now, he's not digging the vegetables. So he doesn't eat them and he does NOT like them. But....eventually he will. :)
Bananas are probably his favorite, which comes to no surprise since he's my chunky monkey. Seriously, did you see the rolls on his arms?!!??

Aug 21, 2013

5 months

 and now he's 5 months
I've loved taking at least one picture a week of Lincoln-- and one picture is never the least.
He's started crawling, mostly when we aren't watching him or trying to video tape this milestone... such a tease. And we've slowly started incorporating soft foods.... although he still has the tongue extrusion obstacle to overcome. I have some homemade baby food in the freezer when he's past that small hurdle. :) But boy is he eager for food. He un-hinges his jaw to make sure he doesn't miss the any of it. Even though his tongue isn't cooperating, it's not hindering his eagerness for another taste.

Aug 19, 2013

child's pose

Sometimes I'll buy something thinking, I HAVE TO HAVE IT... I'LL WEAR/USE  it ALL.THE.TIME. And then there's those items where I think, I don't really want it, but for this price, I should just buy it. Surprisingly, whatever it is I think I HAVE to have, I usually get rid of it. But the items that I don't think much of, I hang on to forever. Weird.

Going back now 7 years ago. I bought this yoga mat before I left for college. It must have been really cheap. I think it's been used 5 times since then. But I've never gotten rid of it because I knew there would come a day where I would want to brush off the dust and bust out a yoga mat. I carefully maneuvered my way through the maze in storage closet and found it in the very back. I'm surprised the mat wasn't in the original packaging still.

Until it cools off enough to go outside running, this yoga mat will suffice for some workouts. Oh, and there's that half marathon I signed up for in 2 months. The last one I did was when I was 21 weeks pregnant. I'm hoping this one will have less port-a-potty visits since I don't have a baby pounding on my bladder. :)

Aug 13, 2013

day trip to nowhere


I've made more of an effort since having Lincoln to be more laid back. Seems like I set myself up for failure right? A new mother trying to learn the ropes of motherhood with a new baby--yes, trying to be more laid back can be a challenge. I love planning. I'll research everything.. the route of travel, things to do, the weather, the whole she-bang.
Well, this past Saturday, when we decided to just head north and not have anything planned, I thought to myself, "Yah, I can do this. I'm not even going to check the weather, I'm feeling that crazy." It was decided last minute we'd go to Snowflake, but we made it 20 minutes past Globe when our precious cargo in the back seat stopped being so precious. Change of plans. Flipped a U-ey and went back to Globe to see if there was SOMETHING in this small town... and then we found that something-- the Besh Ba Gowah ruins. And then it was lunch in Superior at one of the few places that was open. We drove down main street and it was seriously a ghost town. When a mining town has the mine shut down, so do all the businesses. But we found one of the few places still open to eat before heading back home.
The unplanned and disorganized day trip to nowhere was perfect with just me and my boys.

Aug 2, 2013

18/52, 19/52

18/52- Parenthood club knowledge.
Dates now consists of just being alone, regardless of time and what you're doing... even if it's grocery shopping.
Before we were married, we'd go out on dates usually at night. Now, it's right after his feeding at 3pm so we can be home in time to put him to bed at 7pm. It works out because gma and gpa like to be able to play with him and not just come over when he's asleep. We don't have to worry about leaving a bottle or giving instructions. It's literally handing them Lincoln, saying hello, thank you, and goodbye and we're out the door.
gma and gpa came over to babysit so we could have our date "afternoon". It super spur of the moment with nothing "special" planned. Having alone time is special in itself. Awwww....ain't I so sweet?
 So what did our date consist of?
- Tom's Warehouse- new shoes for mommy and Linc
-QuickTrip stop for a slushee--- It was a scorcher outside
-Browsing items for our 72 hour kits---- we're in the process of being a prepared family
-Indian food-- found a new place that might have to replace our last. Their naan was the best hands-down naan.

19/52- oh, the many faces of Lincoln. In no particular order, these are some faces he pulls: 1. bubble blowing 2. cooing 3. his gummy smile and 4. pooping. I know it's hard to decipher which is which. :)


 I met up with these lovely ladies last week. We try and get together every few months in spite of our busy schedules, work, and schooling. When we manage to plan a day with all of us there it's a real miracle. And as excited as we are to see each other and catch up, I think secretly we're excited for the food just as much. Our meet-ups are at the usual spot- La Grande Orange. YUM!
 and it was a day of firsts for me.
first first- I broke from the usual commuter sandwich (their English muffins -TA-DIE-FOR!) and went for the spicy chickpea lettuce wrap. I'll be recreating recipe here in the near future because it was a pleasant surprise for this palate of mine. 
second first- This picture was snapped an hour prior to my mommy-makeover.
I told myself I wouldn't cut my hair. I really didn't think I would because it's been YEARS and YEARS since I've ever cut more than an inch. There was that one time I cut 4inches--- many tears shed and consoling from Ryan.
But then the whole post-pregnancy hair falling out--- yah, no one told me about that. And when your hair is long, and you have a nest of hair on the shower wall that your husbands keeps complaining about, it's time to chop it.
I chopped 10inches (to be exact) and it's in the mail being sent to Locks of Love as I'm typing this. :) Bucket list- CHECK.
I thought I would cry, but the only sadness I've felt is from not doing this a long time ago.