Aug 2, 2013

18/52, 19/52

18/52- Parenthood club knowledge.
Dates now consists of just being alone, regardless of time and what you're doing... even if it's grocery shopping.
Before we were married, we'd go out on dates usually at night. Now, it's right after his feeding at 3pm so we can be home in time to put him to bed at 7pm. It works out because gma and gpa like to be able to play with him and not just come over when he's asleep. We don't have to worry about leaving a bottle or giving instructions. It's literally handing them Lincoln, saying hello, thank you, and goodbye and we're out the door.
gma and gpa came over to babysit so we could have our date "afternoon". It super spur of the moment with nothing "special" planned. Having alone time is special in itself. Awwww....ain't I so sweet?
 So what did our date consist of?
- Tom's Warehouse- new shoes for mommy and Linc
-QuickTrip stop for a slushee--- It was a scorcher outside
-Browsing items for our 72 hour kits---- we're in the process of being a prepared family
-Indian food-- found a new place that might have to replace our last. Their naan was the best hands-down naan.

19/52- oh, the many faces of Lincoln. In no particular order, these are some faces he pulls: 1. bubble blowing 2. cooing 3. his gummy smile and 4. pooping. I know it's hard to decipher which is which. :)