Aug 13, 2013

day trip to nowhere


I've made more of an effort since having Lincoln to be more laid back. Seems like I set myself up for failure right? A new mother trying to learn the ropes of motherhood with a new baby--yes, trying to be more laid back can be a challenge. I love planning. I'll research everything.. the route of travel, things to do, the weather, the whole she-bang.
Well, this past Saturday, when we decided to just head north and not have anything planned, I thought to myself, "Yah, I can do this. I'm not even going to check the weather, I'm feeling that crazy." It was decided last minute we'd go to Snowflake, but we made it 20 minutes past Globe when our precious cargo in the back seat stopped being so precious. Change of plans. Flipped a U-ey and went back to Globe to see if there was SOMETHING in this small town... and then we found that something-- the Besh Ba Gowah ruins. And then it was lunch in Superior at one of the few places that was open. We drove down main street and it was seriously a ghost town. When a mining town has the mine shut down, so do all the businesses. But we found one of the few places still open to eat before heading back home.
The unplanned and disorganized day trip to nowhere was perfect with just me and my boys.