May 7, 2017

Grey 4 &5

You are getting to big, much to quickly. Why must every child grow up at a much more quickly than the previous ones? you'll be half-a-year next month which means you're practically almost a year and that just can't be!!! ;)

You're 4 month appointment revealed how much of a giant you are. 17lb and 11oz. I can't remember height but you're ABOVE 99% and will probably be the biggest boy out of all three. You just got your two bottom teeth in and your teething was rather easy. We had our hiccups with naps, but you've still been cheerful and sleeping through the night.

You're so close to crawling. You'll get yourself up on your knees and try so hard to bring them forward. SO CLOSE, bud. I love watching you hit these milestones, but at the same time I'm realizing it will becoming more chaotic with another kid on the loose in this house. ahhhh!!

One of my favorite things right now is watching your brothers interact with you. No joke, this just happened yesterday at lunch: your brothers would take turns taking a bite of their lunch and then running over to you as you were laying on the rug. They would run over and get down by your face and say something weird and random (mostly "pooooop") and then run back to the table to take a bite with the other ran over to say something to you. LITERALLY, this probably went on for 10 minutes, which may not seem that long, but to have two boys running back and forth, back and forth... well, they didn't show any signs of slowing down so I told them to just sit and finish. But you would lock eyes on them and they would try so hard to get you to laugh and smile. It really doesn't take much though, you're so quick to smile when your brothers come interact and play with you. I tell ya, I really lucked out in this family. You three boys are pretty stinking awesome.