Jul 31, 2011


If you are not living in Utah or Idaho, you probably didn't celebrate pioneer day this last weekend. But, since we are living in rexburg, Idaho we had some celebration. We headed back over to St. Anthony where the parade was held and I'm surprised to admit this, it was much better than the 4th of July parade. There was a boy riding a camel. I'm not sure anything can top that.
just staring at my licorice. waiting for the parade to start. :)

First steak, happy.

Other news, Ryan finished school up and we had to celebrate his hard work. He took 18.5 credits and got all A's and 2 B's!!! He deserved an excellent treat and what was it that he wanted? To go to a new resturaunt in Idaho Falls that has all you can eat steak. I have to say, its been nice having him out of school. He has been great cleaning the house and cooking dinner. If only we can make this a regular thing...
Second steak, feeling sick.

With respects to the pioneer day celebration, they were playing the movie 17 Miracles at the movie theater. If you haven't seen it and would like to watch a church movie, we highly recommend it. It's based on actual stories of the Willie Handcart Company and i promise you that you won't leave with a dry sleeve. I noticed during a quiet part of the movie, you could hear everyone sniffling. Two thumbs up from Ryan and Elizabeth. Here's the trailer if you're interested. Watch it please. It will have you sold.

We ended the night with fireworks! Yes! I saw my fireworks for the year 2011. Remember I was in a coma 4th of july? This made up for it. We drove over to St. Anthony for a show, sat on the hood of our car and enjoyed the show. :)

Jul 17, 2011

St. Anthony

Well, if you ever find yourself wanting to go to St. Anthony, Idaho, you must go to the movie theater there.

We've decided we should branch out of Rexburg and visit some neighboring towns to see what they have to offer. This weekend we took the short drive to St. Anthony and I think this is a wonderful hidden gem that Ryan and I will definitely revisit. Roxy is the old fashioned movie theater. They have one screen and curtains hanging separating the lobby and the theater. They have a small balcony with antique chairs to sit on AND they also have some couches with the coolest fabric. Naturally, we were the only couple cuddled on the couch.

Everything about this theater is the absolute coolest. Tickets are $5 and they have candy for $1. Really, what's not to love.

There's also a resturaunt that we were wanting to try out, but we were stuffed from our picnic and candy that we had to pass. We'll save it for another time.



Bragging on "how great my husband is" post: Beware!

Fridays are the best aren't they? And it sucks when you are in a bad mood for no reason which is what I was in yesterday after work. I got in this funk and when I met Ryan at the gym after work he could tell. He'll ask me what's wrong and I can't tell him what's wrong other than that I'm just in a funk for no reason at all. I can be very difficult to deal with sometimes. Ryan had to go work on some stuff and said he'd meet me at home. I was laying in bed when he came home and told me to close my eyes.
Some flowers and my favorite candy bar. Perfect. Ok, I'm feeling much better now! :)

Ryan just knows me so well. I don't understand how someone can know someone so much. The other day he surprised me even more. We were in our bedroom watching a movie and I ran out to the kitchen to grab a snack. I come back to the room and he knows I'm eating something. He asks what it is and I tell him nothing. This goes on for a few minutes and I keep telling him, "you'll never know!" I ran back again very quietly and sneakily to grab another bite of my mystery treat. I come back the THIRD time of going back to grab more and he finally guesses. He says, "Hersheys candy bar." WHAT???????????????????? Seriously, I have no idea how he knew. I went to go grab a treat and stumbled upon one in the cupboard. Sheesh. He's good.
I must not be busy enough with my 40hr work week. On top of working my job at the hospital, I was asked by the nursing department at BYU-I to fill in as Adjunct Faculty while we are here in Idaho. Sure why not? I'll be filling in as a clinical instructor for the students and helping with grading and odds and ends that the find for me. I loved my nursing program and it's great to be helping out in the program I graduated in. I was emailing some of the faculty and one of them said to call her by her first name now that I'm part of the faculty. That's going to take time getting used to that. I'm excited though and hopefully it will be a good experience. Let's just say fall semester is going to be a busy one for me.

Jul 14, 2011


Yes, Beaver Dick really exists. We went canoeing last weekend on the Snake River and the weather was SO perfect... and the water. For anyone who has heard about our tubing experience down the same river a few years back, this was much better. Long story short, we went tubing down Snake River 2 years ago and the water was so slow we were stuck on the river for 7 hours. We ended up grabbing our tubes and made our way through thick bushes covered in mosquitos to get to my sister-in-law's. It was a very traumatizing experience but we knew we had to do it again to overcome those fears. We just played it a little smarter this time and made sure the water wasn't at a stand still and that we floated in something with paddles. :)

I hope that picture of Ryan isn't too revealing. He was trying to get some sun on those thighs. Ha.

Jul 7, 2011

the 4th

I have to say, the 4th of July is one of my FAVORITES. Warm weather, BBQs, parades, fireworks. Does it get better? Ryan and I both had a 3 day weekend which made it even better. We took off camping on Friday and camped next to the Palisades river. Front row view of the river and GREEN fields and mountains. The sun shined all weekend for us and there's nothing more relaxing than secluding ourselves from the world and spending time doing NOTHING together. We never run out of things to talk about. :)

I'm grateful to have Ryan on our camping expeditions for two reasons:

1. He's a great cook which makes up for my lack of cooking... especially over a fire! We had scrambled eggs sliced fruit for breakfast, and he even made spaghetti with grilled corn on the cob for dinner. I think they turned out better than if we had stayed home and I cooked. :)

Much too early and much too bright for pictures

Ryan cooked and I supervised :)

2. And maybe more importantly, if we didn't bring dinner, I can count on him to catch dinner. Yes, my husband knows how to set up traps thanks to Bear From the show Man vs. Wild.

a 4 trap

We packed up and came home because we could NOT miss the Rexburg parade. Main street was PACKED!

holding Ryan's soda :)

Look at what we would have missed!

I wish I had some awesome firework pictures to post, but unfortunately, i passed out at 6:30 that night. I do that on occassions and that occassion happened to be July 4th. DANG IT! Sorry Ryan. He tried to wake me up and it just wasn't happening. Hope everyone enjoyed them for us. :)

Jul 3, 2011

Getting back on track

Training for my first half has been going peachy... That is until this past week where I practically did a 180 and completely went off my schedule. Its been really difficult to go running after work and have the energy for the long runs. It's been warm and running outside after work in the afternoon is not quite ideal. I'm debating to switch up my running times and start running in the morning. This would mean getting up around 4am. Yikes. I might do it for a week and then just suffer in the heat instead because I'll realize I would rather sleep in a little more than have cooler weather while running.

I'm feeling confident that I will be ready for my race. I've built up my mileage over the past 4 weeks and its nice to see I'm not dying after 1 mile anymore. Yay!

So long to my easier week of workouts. Tomorrow its back on. sigh.