Jul 17, 2011


Bragging on "how great my husband is" post: Beware!

Fridays are the best aren't they? And it sucks when you are in a bad mood for no reason which is what I was in yesterday after work. I got in this funk and when I met Ryan at the gym after work he could tell. He'll ask me what's wrong and I can't tell him what's wrong other than that I'm just in a funk for no reason at all. I can be very difficult to deal with sometimes. Ryan had to go work on some stuff and said he'd meet me at home. I was laying in bed when he came home and told me to close my eyes.
Some flowers and my favorite candy bar. Perfect. Ok, I'm feeling much better now! :)

Ryan just knows me so well. I don't understand how someone can know someone so much. The other day he surprised me even more. We were in our bedroom watching a movie and I ran out to the kitchen to grab a snack. I come back to the room and he knows I'm eating something. He asks what it is and I tell him nothing. This goes on for a few minutes and I keep telling him, "you'll never know!" I ran back again very quietly and sneakily to grab another bite of my mystery treat. I come back the THIRD time of going back to grab more and he finally guesses. He says, "Hersheys candy bar." WHAT???????????????????? Seriously, I have no idea how he knew. I went to go grab a treat and stumbled upon one in the cupboard. Sheesh. He's good.
I must not be busy enough with my 40hr work week. On top of working my job at the hospital, I was asked by the nursing department at BYU-I to fill in as Adjunct Faculty while we are here in Idaho. Sure why not? I'll be filling in as a clinical instructor for the students and helping with grading and odds and ends that the find for me. I loved my nursing program and it's great to be helping out in the program I graduated in. I was emailing some of the faculty and one of them said to call her by her first name now that I'm part of the faculty. That's going to take time getting used to that. I'm excited though and hopefully it will be a good experience. Let's just say fall semester is going to be a busy one for me.