Jul 17, 2011

St. Anthony

Well, if you ever find yourself wanting to go to St. Anthony, Idaho, you must go to the movie theater there.

We've decided we should branch out of Rexburg and visit some neighboring towns to see what they have to offer. This weekend we took the short drive to St. Anthony and I think this is a wonderful hidden gem that Ryan and I will definitely revisit. Roxy is the old fashioned movie theater. They have one screen and curtains hanging separating the lobby and the theater. They have a small balcony with antique chairs to sit on AND they also have some couches with the coolest fabric. Naturally, we were the only couple cuddled on the couch.

Everything about this theater is the absolute coolest. Tickets are $5 and they have candy for $1. Really, what's not to love.

There's also a resturaunt that we were wanting to try out, but we were stuffed from our picnic and candy that we had to pass. We'll save it for another time.