Jul 31, 2011


If you are not living in Utah or Idaho, you probably didn't celebrate pioneer day this last weekend. But, since we are living in rexburg, Idaho we had some celebration. We headed back over to St. Anthony where the parade was held and I'm surprised to admit this, it was much better than the 4th of July parade. There was a boy riding a camel. I'm not sure anything can top that.
just staring at my licorice. waiting for the parade to start. :)

First steak, happy.

Other news, Ryan finished school up and we had to celebrate his hard work. He took 18.5 credits and got all A's and 2 B's!!! He deserved an excellent treat and what was it that he wanted? To go to a new resturaunt in Idaho Falls that has all you can eat steak. I have to say, its been nice having him out of school. He has been great cleaning the house and cooking dinner. If only we can make this a regular thing...
Second steak, feeling sick.

With respects to the pioneer day celebration, they were playing the movie 17 Miracles at the movie theater. If you haven't seen it and would like to watch a church movie, we highly recommend it. It's based on actual stories of the Willie Handcart Company and i promise you that you won't leave with a dry sleeve. I noticed during a quiet part of the movie, you could hear everyone sniffling. Two thumbs up from Ryan and Elizabeth. Here's the trailer if you're interested. Watch it please. It will have you sold.

We ended the night with fireworks! Yes! I saw my fireworks for the year 2011. Remember I was in a coma 4th of july? This made up for it. We drove over to St. Anthony for a show, sat on the hood of our car and enjoyed the show. :)