Jul 14, 2011


Yes, Beaver Dick really exists. We went canoeing last weekend on the Snake River and the weather was SO perfect... and the water. For anyone who has heard about our tubing experience down the same river a few years back, this was much better. Long story short, we went tubing down Snake River 2 years ago and the water was so slow we were stuck on the river for 7 hours. We ended up grabbing our tubes and made our way through thick bushes covered in mosquitos to get to my sister-in-law's. It was a very traumatizing experience but we knew we had to do it again to overcome those fears. We just played it a little smarter this time and made sure the water wasn't at a stand still and that we floated in something with paddles. :)

I hope that picture of Ryan isn't too revealing. He was trying to get some sun on those thighs. Ha.