Jul 7, 2011

the 4th

I have to say, the 4th of July is one of my FAVORITES. Warm weather, BBQs, parades, fireworks. Does it get better? Ryan and I both had a 3 day weekend which made it even better. We took off camping on Friday and camped next to the Palisades river. Front row view of the river and GREEN fields and mountains. The sun shined all weekend for us and there's nothing more relaxing than secluding ourselves from the world and spending time doing NOTHING together. We never run out of things to talk about. :)

I'm grateful to have Ryan on our camping expeditions for two reasons:

1. He's a great cook which makes up for my lack of cooking... especially over a fire! We had scrambled eggs sliced fruit for breakfast, and he even made spaghetti with grilled corn on the cob for dinner. I think they turned out better than if we had stayed home and I cooked. :)

Much too early and much too bright for pictures

Ryan cooked and I supervised :)

2. And maybe more importantly, if we didn't bring dinner, I can count on him to catch dinner. Yes, my husband knows how to set up traps thanks to Bear From the show Man vs. Wild.

a 4 trap

We packed up and came home because we could NOT miss the Rexburg parade. Main street was PACKED!

holding Ryan's soda :)

Look at what we would have missed!

I wish I had some awesome firework pictures to post, but unfortunately, i passed out at 6:30 that night. I do that on occassions and that occassion happened to be July 4th. DANG IT! Sorry Ryan. He tried to wake me up and it just wasn't happening. Hope everyone enjoyed them for us. :)