Jul 3, 2011

Getting back on track

Training for my first half has been going peachy... That is until this past week where I practically did a 180 and completely went off my schedule. Its been really difficult to go running after work and have the energy for the long runs. It's been warm and running outside after work in the afternoon is not quite ideal. I'm debating to switch up my running times and start running in the morning. This would mean getting up around 4am. Yikes. I might do it for a week and then just suffer in the heat instead because I'll realize I would rather sleep in a little more than have cooler weather while running.

I'm feeling confident that I will be ready for my race. I've built up my mileage over the past 4 weeks and its nice to see I'm not dying after 1 mile anymore. Yay!

So long to my easier week of workouts. Tomorrow its back on. sigh.