Jun 28, 2011

Guess who's 27!

Guess who turned 27?? Thankfully, not me...yet. But my wonderful husband celebrated his birthday June 19th. For being so young he is mature beyond his years.

We went and got Mongolian food... his absolute favorite. I wouldn't say it's my absolute favorite but it does hold a special place in my heart since it's where he took me on our first date. Ironically we were seated at the same table too. :)

For anyone who has been, you'll know that it can be quite humorous preparing your bowl. Apparently, there's this unwritten rule that you can stack as much as you want in your bowl as long as it stays in. So people will tower the noodles really high you would think it was illegal. It's so bad, I had to have Ryan stack the noodles for me because I was too embarrassed to hand my bowl to the workers to cook it. What are husbands for?

If you're wondering why he has two watches on, I bought him two watches and he was
testing them out for the day to see which one he wanted. Clever huh? 



Yes, I did eat some.

Ryan's fortune cookie. How can you deny the fortune from the cookie?
His actual birthday was on Sunday so i "made" him wear a birthday tag so everyone knew. I'd like to think he enjoyed wearing it but who knows. He probably took it off in priesthood for all I know. Oh well.

His actual birthday dinner was posole. A mexican dish he really liked on his mission and I thought it would be fun to find the recipe and make it for him. Huge success. We were both very pleased and very full. The recipe includes hominy and if anyone has every had that, it fills you right up! Next time, maybe just one green chili pepper instead of two. :)

We are heading down to Moab as soon as he is done with school to go camping and rafting. I've never been before so it's kinda a gift for both of us. :) It's legit to buy your spouse a gift for the two of you to enjoy together right?