Aug 2, 2013


 I met up with these lovely ladies last week. We try and get together every few months in spite of our busy schedules, work, and schooling. When we manage to plan a day with all of us there it's a real miracle. And as excited as we are to see each other and catch up, I think secretly we're excited for the food just as much. Our meet-ups are at the usual spot- La Grande Orange. YUM!
 and it was a day of firsts for me.
first first- I broke from the usual commuter sandwich (their English muffins -TA-DIE-FOR!) and went for the spicy chickpea lettuce wrap. I'll be recreating recipe here in the near future because it was a pleasant surprise for this palate of mine. 
second first- This picture was snapped an hour prior to my mommy-makeover.
I told myself I wouldn't cut my hair. I really didn't think I would because it's been YEARS and YEARS since I've ever cut more than an inch. There was that one time I cut 4inches--- many tears shed and consoling from Ryan.
But then the whole post-pregnancy hair falling out--- yah, no one told me about that. And when your hair is long, and you have a nest of hair on the shower wall that your husbands keeps complaining about, it's time to chop it.
I chopped 10inches (to be exact) and it's in the mail being sent to Locks of Love as I'm typing this. :) Bucket list- CHECK.
I thought I would cry, but the only sadness I've felt is from not doing this a long time ago.