Jul 26, 2013

4 months

I am Lincoln's mother, so without fail, everything he does is the most precious and cutest thing to me. And this picture sums up his spunky personality and how preciously cute he is. Every once in awhile, he will grace us with his little dance on the floor. We'll stand over him and give him some encouragement to keep kicking those chubby legs. He'll just stare at us, knowing our anticipation to see him dance will keep us hovering over him as long as he wants to make us wait. And just when we finally give up and think he's done, he'll give us a little show to pull us back in a little longer. He's a tease that child of ours.
This past month has been my absolute favorite thus far. And I know it will keep getting better and better, but to his self-inflicted challenge, he has set the bar really high this last month. Ryan's been teaching him a little Spanish here and there. I'll say a few phrases to him, but I'm probably more hindering than helpful with my pathetic accent. Oh, and this boy loves standing. We'll hold him up and he'll show off his thunder thighs. He'll lock out his knees and just stand on our laps and look at us like, "So what should we talk about guys?" He just wants to get in on our conversation.

He's been a great sleeper since 8 weeks, but lately, we've hit a few potholes in the road. I've been reading about sleep troubles and I quickly discovered the cause to his sleeping set-backs. His rolling. We lay him on his back and he'll roll over to his tummy, play there for awhile until his arms get tired, and then he fusses because he can't roll back over. Thus lies the problem for naps and bedtime. I'll lay him down, leave the room, and 15 min later he's fussing because he's stuck on his tummy and needs to be turned over. If only there was a long stick that would reach from our room to his that I could use to prod him back over.....

Given a few days to adjust, Lincoln is officially a tummy sleeper and I don't think he's going back.

Parenthood Club Knowledge:
1. A dirty diaper is rated on wipes needed. We haven't started him on foods yet, so when he has a dirty diaper, one wipe, maybe two, is all we need to get the job done. Awhile back, Ryan was home watching Lincoln while I was out running errands. I texted him to see how things were going when he told me Lincoln just had a 5-wipes-diaper-change. WHOA!!!!! I don't even need to see it, but having to use 5 wipes, it must have looked like a murder scene!!!!!!