Oct 7, 2011


Well today, like any other day, i checked out the new stories on yahoo. I look at random stuff on there I won't even begin to confess. One that I will share is that I'm always curious to read on the articles they have on jobs (most satisfying, highest paid, quickest degree etc). I'm not sure why, maybe in case I feel spontaneous and decide "yah, I'd like to do that too!" Anyway, it was quite a surprise today when they had one on the "most popular" jobs. Check out what made first on the list--- and yes it's my job in case you didnt know that already.

10 Most Popular Jobs and What They Pay

by Fox Business Staff
Thursday, October 6, 2011

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Not everyone hates their job. Some workers feel good where they put their time and energy from 9-5. Check out the 10 most popular jobs based on employee satisfaction.
Could it be? That some people actually like what they do for a living and enjoy going to work every morning? PayScale conducted a survey earlier this year asking workers how satisfied they were with their job, and compiled a list of the top 10 most popular jobs and what they pay. Check to see if your occupation made the list:
Operating Room Registered Nurse
These nurses play a key role in helping save lives on the operating room table and top the list of most satisfied.
Median annual salary: $61,000
Percentage of respondents who are satisfied: 81%

Now if I could just be getting paid at least median annual salary, i might start feeling more like the satisfied 81%. Ha!