Oct 6, 2011

Come May and Love It

What a difference a few days can make.

Yesterday I went for a run. Instead of going to the gym, i thought a nice run outside would be better. Half way through my run, it starts raining. It was a nice sprinkle, enough to make you feel refreshed and give you that boost of energy to go a little further. But then, it started POURING down rain to the point where my sweater is drenched and my socks are soggy. And that my friends, is not as great of a feeling. I took shelter under a tree until it was sprinkling again, good i can carry on now. Ran for a few minutes and then it started hailing on me. What the hail??!?!

Today, October 6th (which happens to be my father-in-law's birthday...Happy Birthday Barry!) is the first day of snow we have here in Rexburg, Idaho. Yes, snow. I can start feeling gloomy now or I can embrace it and enjoy the change of weather. Which reminds me of a talk by Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin called "Come What May and Love It." This came to mind because he talks about how our attitude is everything when it comes to the challenges we face. Which lead me to the title of my post after a little alteration in his title: Come May and Then I'll Love it. Just saying.

I had to venture out into the cold to take our managers our rent. Thankfully, they live right next door. They are the best managers EVER because they don't kick us out when we forget to pay our rent on time. When I apologized to Roger for being late, he said that it was okay as long as I wanted some corn. huh? They grabbed two grocery sacks and headed out to the garden and gave me a bunch of veggies. I'll say it time and time again, as time goes by there are different things that bring me happiness. Two bags of fresh garden goodies brings me happiness. : ) I must be getting easier and easier to please. So in regards to Elder Wirthlins talk, i'll take my veggies to make a nice warm soup for dinner and embrace the winter that was brought on WAY too soon.