Oct 25, 2011

busy week, lazy weekends

Just when I think it isn't possible to get ever lazier on the weekend, we manage to do it. Yes, we still manage to leave the house when it comes time to eat... I'm not complaining though. I love lazy weekends. I've been working the evening shifts so unfortunately our weekends don't start until Saturday late morning after sleeping in.

This weekend we managed to go to Walmart to look into buying me a body pillow (they didn't have any can you believe it? Such a disappointment). Stopped at Arby's for Ryan and Subway for me :) Grabbed us a movie rental, stopped over at the neighbors to make fresh homemade apple juice, and settled in for the night.
We felt like pioneers. Honestly, who makes their own fresh apple juice? (actually, i think a lot of people in Rexburg do because I see stands in front of peoples houses selling it. hmmm) Pretty cool huh?

Anyway, we've both been busy bees lately during the week, the weekends are our time to be LAZY and not feel guilty about it. Nope, not in the least bit guilty. This is what our weeks have looked like for the past month.
Me- just running in the mornings, working for BYUI nursing dept. during some days, and working at the hospital every evening.
Ryan- Interviews and schooling during the days, fishing at night. :)
I asked Ryan to let me take a picture before one of his interviews. That way, if the company were to offer him a job, i will have taken the photo that marked the beginning of his career. See??? I'm thinking ahead.