Oct 31, 2011

birfday- i got you babe

Well , Saturday was my 24th birthday and the poor hubby was sicker than sick! He hadn't been feeling well the night before and wasn't any better Saturay. We made it out of the house in the morning to go buy him powerade and crackers because him eating anything else was impossible. We made a bed out in the living room and watched movies all day. Other than the hubby being sick, it was perfect. He even introduced me to a new favorite movie of mine, Back to the Future. :) LOVED IT!

That night we finally got up out of our homemade bed and got dressed up for a hallloween party. We were able to get out of the house for about 2 hours. We didn't even need to go to the party, just getting dressed up was enough entertainment for me. What you are about to see may be a little unsettling. We decided to do Sonny and Cher. Ryan being Cher because he's taller. I think the costumes turned out great, except I didn't like how Ryan made a prettier girl when he's all dressed up than his own wife in real life. I should just be grateful my husband is handsome guy and can also be a gorgeous woman if he wants to be. :)