Nov 6, 2011

Saving Second Base

My mom, brother and I ran in the Susan G. Komen half marathon run this weekend. I told my mom we should make shirts that said Saving Second Base, but when she didn't know what second base was i told her to forget it.

It was a great run. It was such a great experience to see my mom accomplish something this big. It was beautiful weather with beautiful scenery and we had our own cheer team (dad and little brother) who would quickly move ahead to the check points to wave and cheer us on. My bestest friend also showed her love and support at the finish line... what would i do without her? (thank you Karn) :)

This run went a lot smoother than my first. Thankfully, because it might have ruined my experience if i didn't have a quicker time. Ha. This run was also more fun because of all the creative shirts runners made and posters family waved at us as we ran by. One of my favorite said, "Big or small, Save them all!" So true. Now all I need to figure out... which run to sign up for next?
Little brother jumping in to cheer/pull me along :)
Little bro again being creepy in the background- he calls it "photo-bombing"
Real men wear pink- or at least a gray shirt with pink writing :)
best friend and best supporter
Oh, I almost forgot. My older brother did get 3rd place in his division. :) or 68th place out of over 3,800 runners. He's amazing right? Me on the otherhand, 2,013th.