Nov 7, 2011

back to my snowy rexburg residence

Back after my long weekend in AZ. It was busy busy busy and I know need another vacation day to relax but unfortunately, it's back to work nice and early tomorrow morning. My weekend in a nut shell:

Time with my bestest Karn. Plus I have to share the coolest birthday gift, decorated bobby pins. Hand painted and decorated for special occassions and holidays. How cool is she? She knows I need my bobby pins too.
 Went and watched my older brother at his softball game.
 Dad making us breakfast as usual. Best breakfast chef I know. Plus, he's always so chirpy in the mornings. :)
 Belated birthday dinner at Spinato's. My family claims it's the BEST pizza in town. If you ever go to Phoenix, stop by.
 Getting my brothers to smile normal for photos is next to impossible.
 Wonderful weekend. It's nice to be back because the last time I saw my husband was last week at a cheap motel in idaho falls where we crashed a night before both of us left town the following morning. (I work at the hospital down there and he happend to be returning from AZ and flying out the next morning to Texas) We're just classy like that. :)