Nov 11, 2011

Close your eyes before you read this...

Can I just say one more time how much i L O V E my husband?
He knows me better than anyone, he let's me wear his shirts to bed, rub my cold feet on his legs, and always carries chapstick around which is convenient for me because I always need to use it.
Plus, he writes POEMS for ME and ONLY me.
After our first date, the next day he left a poem for me on my truck window. And last night I got another lovely poem from him while he's in Washington.

Tonight we find ourselves apart,
lying alone in rooms at dark,
The sweet smell of you i miss,
as i ponder our last kiss,
Dream of me my beautiful girl,
for tomorrow night we'll lie in a curl.

Dr. Seuss would be so impressed. :) He was supposed to come back to me tonight... but one flight was delayed which made him miss his next flight from Denver, which happened to be the last flight to Idaho Falls for the whole night?? and other airlines were already booked!!! What are the odds? Ugh. So, another night using my body pillow to keep my company.