Jun 7, 2017

When a small house is best... and when it's not. And Grey's 6 month pictures.

The fact that Greyson woke up this morning way too early because of Ryan getting ready for work inspired me to write this down. I felt like this was something I want to look back and remember. And this is it: Greyson sleeps in our closet.

Simon did too, until he turned 1. Then he graduated from our closet and was moved into the spare room. Is that weird? It never struck me that this might be unusual until after Simon was born and I told Ryan I was going to stick him in there. Ryan seemed confused. We had a spare bedroom, why aren't we putting him in there? Well, that spare room is on the other side of the house and that's too far for me to walk in the middle of the night. Did I mention our house is only 1350 sq ft? And walking from one side of the house to the other probably takes 15 seconds but still, that seemed too far.

I'm not one to co-sleep or even have baby's bassinet next to our bed. I hear them breathing, and cooing, and farting, and grunting, and every little noise keeps me awake. I'm no longer a deep sleeper like I used to be... Man, those were the days. I literally have a box fan next to my bed that I use as a white noise machine. HA.
Anyway, the closet seemed the most fitting for someone who is too lazy to walk across the house and too selfish to share her bedside with anyone besides the hubby. I feel like I need to preface this by saying the master closet is on the larger side. He's not in some tiny dark dungeon... although it is kinda dark in there. We did give him a night light so he should be fine, right? Plus there's a window so he's got some natural light in there, too. Okay...I'm actually starting to feel slightly guilty typing this like I'm trying to convince myself he's not in some dark hole.

We laugh that two of our babies have slept in our closet. Seriously though, all they do is sleep in there. They don't need a huge room to themselves. Plus, we get to add a milestone to our baby's life with their "coming-out-of-the-closet" party. Joke. Just don't except to ever see beautiful nursery room pictures on this blog.

Let's move on to Grey's 6 months and not his current sleeping conditions, shall we? 6 months has been a huge month for us. He's still sleeping through the night, thankfully. There were maybe two days he was up because of teething, but I would quickly feed him and he would be good the rest of the night. Even with teething, he is still the happiest baby. We finally started him on some solid and now he's down to two big naps with a small third nap he'll be dropping soon. He is staying awake longer which has given us a little freedom to get out of the house for a quick adventure to the park or library (you know you're a mom when library trips are considered adventures. ha!)

When it's getting close to his wake-up time, I'll get the older boys loaded in the car. We'll turn on the music and sit in the car having a dance party while I check the video monitor on my phone to see when Grey wakes. The moment he wakes, I'll hurry and snatch him up and put him in the car and we're burning rubber pulling out of the garage to take advantage of that time. HA! Those two hours he's awake is precious time for us.

So yes, Grey is on solids now, but the more exciting news is that he's crawling! And he's so eager to get around. He sees an object, locks his vision on it, and hones down on it till he can get to it. There's no stopping him now. He can sit on his own, although it's still a little wobbly. When the older boys come over and talk with him and pull funny faces, Greyson is quick to smile. I'm savoring this baby stage immensely. I'm understanding why the baby in the family is usually the spoiled one. ;) But look at him! He's so stinking perfect!! gahhhh. Happy Half Year, Grey. We LOVE YOU!

Oh and as far as when a small house is best--- I can literally plug in the vacuum into one of the sockets in the kitchen and vacuum my entire house without having to unplug it. I don't know why this makes me so happy, but it does. Pretty much the main perk for a small house is less space to clean and it can be cleaned much quicker. Priorities people. I'm all about less cleaning.