Apr 19, 2017

greyson 2 & 3 month pictures

This BOY!!! I love him so much, and maybe a little more now that he's sleeping through the night.The night before he turned 3 months. You never forget your first night because you wake upfeeling like a million bucks and that you can take on the world!!! or at least until the other kidswake up and then you realize, will I ever NOT be tired? Yeah, maybe when they're all finally out of the house.

Anyway, he's such a good baby. Although, since he's been sleeping through the night, he started taking only 45 minute naps all day. This initially drove me crazy. But I don't even mind anymore because 1. He's sleeping through the night and 2. He's so happy!! He goes down for naps like a breeze and wakes up happy. I can't complain. He's starting to stay awake for longer stretches so his naps are finally starting to stretch out, as well.

He's wearing size 4 diapers, which is totally ridiculous, right? I mean, his 2 year old brother is wearing size 4 ---he shouldn't be in the same size as his older brother!! But what's throwing me off even more so are his looks. He has a reddish-tinge to his hair and he has BLUE eyes!!!!! We laugh at how dark Lincoln is, and Simon is white, but still has dark eyes, and then BAM! There's pasty-white Greyson with blue eyes and reddish hair.