Aug 14, 2011

ice caves

yesterday ryan and i tagged along with the cannon family to the ice caves. we hitched a ride with them out there and enjoyed a pretty view while we were drifted in and out of consciousness from heat exhaustion. let's just say the cab of their truck doesn't get much airflow back there. the kids decided to all jump in the back so we could go up front for the off-roding portion of the drive. only by this point, we learned that not only were we reaching a point of no cell phone service, but that the cannon's didn't fill up on gas before heading out and were close to empty! we turned off the air conditioner and richard went into gas-conservation mode by refusing to use the breaks at all. it made for a dusty bumpy ride that was all worth it in the end :)

We all had a lot of fun. After the ice caves we went over to the sand dunes and had a little dinner before heading home. Oh, and we had just enough gas to get us back into town. :)