Dec 12, 2013

thanksgiving 2014

A Shideler Ranch view + jacuzzi tub + rubber duckies = HAPPY BATH TIME!
I barely took any pictures on my camera. But the few I got was all the proof I needed to show how awesome of a family I married into. Trying to get everyone together for a family photo, and a decent one at that (meaning seeing everyone's face--smiling or not) is always an adventure in itself. There's about 20 more of these photos before we got one "frame-worthy" picture. :) Only downside, we're missing some  family who were in Denver, and Lincoln, who was surprisingly upstairs sleeping through the talent show AND family photo-shoot chaos. He's just too young to expose to that much stress....maybe next year.
I called my parents on Thanksgiving and my mom proudly told me she was making Thanksgiving from scratch!!! Kudos mom! But then my dad said scratch meant opening it from a can. Either way, sounds like mom rocked it this year. :)