Aug 1, 2012

Tonto Natural Bridge State Park

Costco was the highlight of my day. Up and down the aisles throwing whatever the heck looked good in my cart. It helped that Ryan wasn't there to supervise or add up the bill while shopping. :)
Anyway, I had a pleasant conversation with a family in front of me while checking out.
I wonder if that's a characteristic people will say about me at my funeral because I've been told that more than once. That I am quick to talk to strangers and carry on a conversation like we were neighbors. Hmmm....

Back to the family.

I asked where they were from (they were African) and ended up impressing them with my Swahili. The grandmother was so excited she waved her daughter and grandkids over. Yes, I can say a few numbers in Swahili (they may not be in numerical order though). I told her how my husband and I went to Tanzania and picked some up while we were there. They were so impressed. And after talking with them, their sweetness and friendliness made me miss the African culture like crazy. But one thing I'm trying to work on (one of many) is being grateful for what's going on in my life at that moment. And this is the beauty I saw this past week.

And there were many comments from other hikers on my husband completing this in his slippers. That's my husband for you. Impressive huh?