Jul 30, 2012

Payson, AZ

It's Monday and I'm feeling it.
I went in to LA Fitness after work to open a membership. I thought I would ease into it by getting a guest pass for the next three days. Today was day one. I worked out for 15 minutes. ROUGH!
Did I really run a half marathon just 4 months ago? Because no one, including myself, would believe it. Use it or lose it I guess.

 Thursday night before falling asleep, Ryan and I are in bed talking. When I think about things in life that are THE BEST, this is one of them. He tells me, when you get off work tomorrow, we're going to drive up to Payson and stay the night. He's taken care of a hotel and already has an itinerary planned. I love my husband's surprises and our spontaneous weekend trips. And not to brag, but look at what beauty I got to see. Tons of pictures, of course, in the process of being uploaded.

I would say it's crazy, but after talking with others who have similar experiences, it's not that crazy I haven't seen a lot of the national parks in AZ. Being born and raised, I've seen very little really. Technically I have been to the Grand Canyon, but I was maybe 2 years old. Does that really even count? Didn't think so.

However, with Tonto Natural Bridge State Park, Check!