Aug 27, 2012

baby's first ultrasound

The pregnancy test didn't lie.
We had our first doctor's appointment and our first ultrasound and even after sitting here trying to think of the words to best explain what we felt.... there are no words. We saw our little grape-sized baby's heart beating away and heard baby's heart beat. All I can say is, my heart smiled.  
Ryan has been quite the trooper, but he still has until the end of March to put up with me and my complete lack of energy. This girl loved her sleep beforehand, but 13 hours is just down right ridiculous isn't it? Don't even get me started on my lack of appetite.  I'm just super grateful that cereal sits will with me because pregnancy would be very difficult if I couldn't eat my cereal.
On another note:
 I think it was the day after we found out I was pregnant and I asked Ryan, "Do you want to do the dishes, or take out the trash?"
Without ANY hesitation what-so-ever he said, "Is this a trick question? ...... I'll do both"
Such a sweetie. And quite the quick learner too.
I made some labels to the cutest, smallest, blurriest ultrasound. :) Cute baby huh!!!!