Jan 10, 2013

27 weeks

New Developments:
It's been awhile since I've last seen Jurassic Park. But there's a scene in the movie I thought of recently. Although I may not recall it exactly, you'll catch my drift.

It's when the two grandkids are in the jeep and waiting for help. There's a cup of water in the car and the camera zooms in and you see the water ripple, signaling T-Rex was stomping his way closer to where the kids were. The ripples got stronger and stronger and they turn around and look out the back of the jeep and .....AHHHH!!!! T-Rex is COMING!!!!!!....

I might have embellished parts of the scene but something along those lines happens in the movie. My point? Oh yeah, my point is that's what baby boy has been doing. Except instead of the water rippling, it's my tummy. I'll look down and see this jerk movement from the baby and I'll say to myself.....Ahhh!!!!! He's coming!!! And although I'm not as terrified as those kids probably were, I'm still terrified in my own way because this is finally sinking in that I'm pregnant and I feel so unprepared. We just moved into our new place, everything is in boxes, we have no nursery put together, we haven't bought a single thing for the baby...... I might as well be one of those girls on the TLC show I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant. (Stupid show by the way, don't waste your time.)

It's normal to be scared though right? Everyone feels unprepared. But even as I'm writing this, baby boy is kicking up a storm and I keep stopping to look at him move. And this time I say to myself: I don't care if I feel disorganized and unprepared..... I can't wait till you're in my arms. :)