Apr 11, 2013

week 3

is it normal to have my days blend together? because they do. Just call me Bill Murray from Groundhog Day.
Lincoln and I are starting Baby Wise. Yes, both of us. Because this mom likes to eat every 3 hours and sleeping inbetween feedings too! We have our good and our bad days. He does well with cutting me a little slack here and there since I'm new at this. :)
I strained my back breastfeeding Lincoln. I was using pillows to prop Linc up on my lap and then hunched over the rest of the way. Purchasing a boppy pillow became my top priority. After getting my back readjusted (jk), I went and made my boppy pillow purchase at Target. Which brings another lesson learned from parenthood....
P.C. knowledge:
Nothing will be "new and clean" ever again. And if it is, the "newness and cleanliness" will only last a max of 5 minutes.
 I picked out the pillow and a stellar pillow cover too; yes, I was stoked to come home and feed Lincoln in style and comfort (at least with my body alignment). I made it home in time for his next feeding. I got home, got my new boppy pillow out and put on the pillowcase, sat on the couch, and Ryan handed Linc to me.
Well, that amazingness lasted about 5 minutes. And then Lincoln sharted. He sharted real bad. So bad, in fact, that it came out the back of his diaper and onto my new clean boppy pillow.
Lesson learned.