Apr 5, 2013

week 2

This mommy here is such a softie; I'm bound to be an emotional wreck the rest of my life. Ryan may say I've always been emotional, but I'm talking "emotional" on a different level. Last night Ryan showed me a picture from Lincoln's first few days and my heart sank. He's already grown so much!!!! Stop growing Lincoln! Can't you stay at this stage a whole lot longer? It would be deeply appreciated.
Week 2 Updates:
First doctor's appointment and he's perfectly healthy. Yippee.
His umbilical cord made it's way off his cute belly. Here comes the tummy kisses!
It was inevitable it would happen to me eventually, but I wondered who it was going to happen to first. I'm talking about having a diaper explosion out the backside of the diaper while holding him. Well, it was me. Luckily, the explosion happened minutes before grandma arrived to help with the baby for a few days.
I opened the front door with a mess over my pajamas and lovingly handed him to grandma and said, "I'm so happy you're here. Lincoln wants to be held by his great grandma. " :)
P.C. (parent club) knowledge for this week:
1. Keep your phone on vibrate. I usually always do but one of the few times I had my ring on high, my cellular device was right next to the sleeping baby. I curse the person who called me at that moment, but really that's just my way of putting the blame onto someone else.
2. Babies love to be swaddled; my son is the exception. When Ryan and I were in the hospital we saw the nurses "swaddling" Lincoln. I asked the nurse to show us her technique because she had some mad swaddling skills. Turns out, after numerous times of swaddling and Lincoln repeatedly fighting his way free, we've learned Lincoln is the exception. He is a free spirit who likes to be sprawled out in his crib.. A trait he inherited from his mommy. :)