Apr 29, 2013

he's wishin' i was workin'

Since we've moved into our first home, I'm determined to have our home look complete. And if it can look appealing to the eye, well now, that's just a bonus.
My mindset has been, while living the apartment lifestyle, "Why decorate when we won't be here long?" No more excuses! First on the agenda: our living room. We spend most of our time here and when I look at our TV sitting on an itty-bitty table with cords overflowing in every direction, I get a headache. That's where craigslist comes into play. Man, I love me some craigslist. One day last week, I found a dresser and mirror, nightstand, and bedframe I LUUUVED and bought them all. 90 bucks. Yes please. I was so stoked with my find I started looking for a credenza for our TV. Bam. Found one I LUUUVED and bought it the next day. 45 bucks. Yes please.

I texted hubby and told him I had good and bad news... which do you want first?
Bad news: I bought some more furniture (Which really isn't bad news --- all part of my plan to lessen the blow I spent more money.)
Good news: I got a great deal on it and we won't need to buy anymore furniture for the house. :)

When he got home he saw the credenza plopped in the garage. I asked him what he thought and he said, "That's what you bought?"

I guess the sight of credenza was the bad news for him--- a piece of furniture that needed some TLC. I'm sure he was wishing I was back at work making money instead of spending money on used run-down furniture. He has little imagination for what this piece can offer. I'll show him!