May 2, 2013


I think the AZ weather hits 100 degrees earlier and earlier each year. Those few weeks of perfect spring weather will eventually be a thing of the past. I'll be telling my grand kids, "back in the day we used to have a whole month of spring weather......those were the good ole days....."

Lincoln started cooing this week and I L-O-V-E it! Of course whenever I try to video tape him, the coos stop. One day I'll capture the sounds, I just need to be a little stealthy about it. One thing I am stealthy about, leaving his nursery when he goes down for a nap. He's content with me in the rocking chair next to his crib, but if he sees/hears me get up and leave.... he's not having it. What's a mother to do who doesn't want to be imprisoned in her son's nursery? I slither my body from the chair to the floor and army crawl myself out of that room! Take that Lincoln. I still love you though.

Here's Lincoln's week 6 photo and his baby blessing outfit for this weekend. My grandma had the outfit made for the blessing. White clothes and babies don't go well together, but I'm sure my Linc will be good and not dirty it up until after the blessing. (When will I just accept that nothing will stay clean anymore?)

We have family coming into town to meet him for the first time and be here for his blessing. I'll be a proud mama showing him off all weekend. :) 

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