May 8, 2013


Man this baby has got major S-P-U-N-K, and yes Lincoln, I am talking about you. He's pulling some hilarious faces these days. I take way too many pictures, I'll admit, but I'm only planning on keeping the really good ones. It's just hard to bring myself to erase any pictures of him.... even if they are completely blurry. That's one picture of him I can never get back. Yikes, I'm such a sap. Don't worry, I'll slap myself out of it for you.
PC Knowledge:
1. Forts aren't just for playing in. Linc has had some difficult sleeps lately. Hard to imagine with an angel face like his right? It's true. I'm sure it's a short phase and it's about to get even shorter. Because this mommy discovered her baby likes napping in a fort. Who can blame him? I'd nap in a fort every day too.
2. Phantom cries. Do you ever think you hear your phone ringing, and then go look at it and no one has called? That's a phantom ring. I'm talking phantom cries, particularly in the middle of the night.  I've discovered phantom cries and I really wish I hadn't. Even when I fall asleep at night, it never is a deep sleep. I hear one little cry and I wake up. But the phantom cries- the phantom cries are cries you hear in your head that wake you up when really the baby is sound asleep. Even if Ryan is breathing weird I'll wake up thinking it's a faint cry.  Phantom cries- they're the worst!!!!!  I've learned what they are, now it's just a matter of learning how to stop them.