Apr 27, 2013

Oh my, Mommy... what big eyes you have!

Linc (what I imagine him thinking): Oh my mommy, what big eyes you have!
Me: All the better for me to see you with.... now go back to sleep child.
I'm so proud of my boy. Huge milestone here. For those who know me, probably know I like structure, check lists, to-do lists, planning---all fun things of that nature. :) Naturally, putting Lincoln on a schedule was a good thing for him and me. But doing Baby Wise wasn't so fun when he wasn't doing what he was "supposed" to be doing so I've created the laid back version of Baby Wise. Mostly the structure of "eat, play, and sleep" and that alone has helped.

Heck, I even follow the same schedule. I eat when he does and play when he does. I'm just working on the "sleeping when he sleeps" aspect. That's one piece of advice others don't hold back telling you.... Make sure you sleep when baby sleeps!!!!!! Oh really? Yes, that sounds like peaches and cream in theory if it were that easy. Once Lincoln falls asleep and I go lay down, he waits 10 minutes after I've fallen asleep to start crying again. Nothing shoots me out of a sleep than that boys vocals chords.

But on a positive note, I do see a light at the end of the tunnel; but this light actually equals darkness from more shut-eye. :)

PC Knowledge
1. Put a sleep eye mask on your baby registry list. Why this isn't an obvious item--I have no idea. It should be right up top with the car seat. Mhmm.

Found mine in the dollar section at Target. I planned for Ryan to walk in the nursery one morning and see me and Linc sleeping in the rocker with this mask on. He would have laughed hysterically! but I couldn't wait. I came home and threw it on as I walked in the door. He did laugh but I think in the end I found it more hilarious than he.

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  1. I can't get over how cute he looks in these pictures! He's already looking like a little man. That mask is hilarious! WE MISS YOU!!!! (& your crazy ways :)) Have you read Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child??? YOU MUST!!!!!!! It's not just a "sleep schedule" book, it talks about why babies need sleep and how to help them and how they change as they grow. it changed my life.... please read it!