Apr 24, 2013

1 month & smiles

I've been doing weekly updates on Lincoln since he was born because the first month is a whirlwind of precious moments needing to be soaked in and commemorated-- at least by his own parents. I posted this picture of Linc on Facebook and had a few comments about him smiling with the angels, which made me want to share similar thoughts Ryan and I had.
Lincoln is for sure a smiler. He smiles when he's awake, but more so when he's sleeping. Although I tease about it being gas or something funny, Ryan and I talked about what's behind our baby's smile while he's sleeping. 

We think Lincoln is smiling because he's remembering/playing with his friends from heaven. We know Lincoln was waiting patiently in heaven to join our family. And why couldn't he be visiting and laughing with those he knew before he came to us? And now that he's in our arms, he's the closest thing to heaven we have in our lives. And if anyone's smile is contagious, it's Lincoln's. 
And now for more pictures.....of him sleeping and smiling of course....
So it takes my mother-in-law to point out the fact that all the pictures we've been sending her are pictures of Lincoln in the nude. When Ryan told me what she said my initial reaction was, "yah, so what?" After reviewing the thousands of pictures I've taken of him, I laughed because it's true. I'm pretty sure Linc made it his first month on earth dressed a total of 10 days or so. And the only reason for dressing his free spirit is for when we take him out of the house. Point being: if I could go a month sporting just underwear I would, but I can't. What kind of mother would i be taking that away from my baby who can?

PC knowledge:
1. Don't buy excessive newborn clothes. I think the few times he has been dressed, its been the same 3 onesies. Exception to this rule, if you live somewhere cold and it's winter. Obviously then, and only then, would I not recommend newborn nude month. 
2. Bulk buy pacifiers. This is only for parents who use pacifiers. At first, I avoided using a paci like the plague. I remember Ryan asking to give him one..... "He'll become too dependent on it!" I said. HA. How quickly my views changed.  We only had two...and then we lost one. And now the one paci goes wherever Lincoln goes. Next trip to the store I'm buying them in bulk and have one placed in each room of the house. Costco should look into that....

anyhoo. happy one month Lincoln. :) you rock!