Oct 26, 2016

we run this playground

I don't know if this pregnancy will be our last or not, I guess it depends how this child turns out :). But since it possibly is, I thought I would get "maternity" pictures taken. I never got them during my first two pregnancies and thought it would be nice to have them this time around if this pregnancy does happens to be my last. 

Instead of posing full-force with just me caressing my big belly (which would have been a real treat to see), I decided on having photos taken with me, my big belly, AND the boys.  I wanted to capture not just my pregnancy, but this stage of my life. Yes, my patience is tested every day and I play referee more than I'd like to, but I know this is one of the best stages of my life. My kids are still excited seeing a bus or garbage truck drive by, they stop to watch the airplanes fly overhead, they have the best imaginations and never run out of things to talk about, they want to play with me and follow me around, they're curious and eager to learn, and the simplest things still make them so happy. And Lincoln still says I'm his best friend so really, what can top that? If our biggest concern is what park to hit up that day, I'd say it's a good life we have---me and my boys.  

The morning of these pictures started off on an awesome note. We were planning on meeting at the park at 8 and around 6:45 am, Lincoln came into my room covered in blood. He had a bloody nose in the middle of the night and dry-caked blood covered his face, ear, hand (just one though, I'm guessing the one that did the nose-picking), arm, and leg. It really looked like a war-scene. Oh, the memories! Just grateful for these beautiful pictures my dear friend captured. They really soften the memory of Lincoln's blood-stained face that morning.